2023 Medium-Term Environmental Plan

We established our 2023 Medium-Term Environmental Plan and are working to reach these targets.

2023 Medium-Term Environmental Plan

Based on our Environmental Vision, we established our 2020 Medium-Term Environmental Plan for the three-year planning period starting in April 2018, and the entire Group worked to reduce our environmental impact and resolve environmental issues.

In fiscal 2021, we established our 2023 Medium-Term Environmental Plan which focuses on the three pillars of products, business, and awareness. We are working toward these targets and aim to contributing to achieving SDGs.

Area of Activity Activity Theme Targets
Products Environmental contribution through products and services Reduce CO2 emissions in product usage: 20,000 tons (compared to FY2013)
100% RoHS compliance rate for all products
Zero violations of environmental laws and regulations
Business Reducing the environmental impact of business activities Reducing CO2 emissions from business activities by 15% (compared to FY2013)
Increasing the ratio of environmentally friendly product net sales by 70%
Appropriate management of substances subject to PRTR law
Material balance report: no abnormalities
Contributing to a resource-recycling society Reduce waste emissions
 Reduce general waste by 12%
 Reduce industrial waste by 3% (compared to FY2012)
 Achieve and maintain zero emissions
Water management at production sites
Conducting water stress checks
Awareness Biodiversity conservation Biological and botanical survey
Dialogue and collaboration with stakeholders (Local government and other related organizations)
Environmental education
Public relations through our Integrated report and
sustainability website
Promotion of environmental communication Maintain and improve CDP ratings

2020 Medium-Term Environmental Plan Targets and Results

Activity Areas Activity Themes Targets for 2020 medium-term environmental plan Fiscal 2020 Targets Fiscal 2020 Results
Products Mitigation of Global Warming Reduce CO2 emissions from new products Improve energy efficiency of new developed products by 15% or more (compared to previous models) Increased by 32.4% (Target achieved for 9 out of 35 models certified as G-Eco products)
Management and reduction of chemical substances Make all new products RoHS-compliant Comply with all relevant laws 53 models RoHS compliant (100% compliance rate achieved)%
Business Mitigation of Global Warming Increase the ratio of environmentally friendly products of net sales 70% or more of net sales Percentage of net sales: 69.1%
Energy consumption
Reduce annual per-employee energy consumption
Average annual reduction of 1% per unit of production (based on FY2010 standards) Energy consumption per employee
Average annual reduction of 1.8% (based on FY2010 standards)
Management and reduction of chemical substances Thorough management of chemical substances Balance control of chemical substances
Reduce PRTR Law-listed substances
Counted record of volume of in-process chemical products May Total
PRTR handling volume (Type 1): Increased 2.1%
Efficient use of resources Reduction of waste emissions Annual emission reduction of 1% (based on fiscal 2010 levels) Average annual waste emission reduction of 4.1% (based on fiscal 2010 levels)
Awareness Biodiversity Conservation Improving biodiversity conservation support
  • 20 trees planted
  • Thinning 1ha/year
  • Himeji: Refrain from collaborative work due to COVID-19
    Forest maintenance activities (August: thinning 1 ha, December: replanting 12 broadleaf trees and apple saplings)
    Family nature event: Instead of an event, we providing Beetle raising kit to employee’s children
  • Kanto Region: Refrain from activities due to COVID-19
Promote biodiversity conservation activities in collaboration with stakeholders
  • Planning and implementation of activities
  • Activity implementation rate: 100%
  • Annual activity implementation rate: 100%
Communication Disclosure of environment-related information in CSR reports and on websites Publish articles
  • Publication of CSR Report 2020 and posting on website (including data on reducing our environmental impact caused from business activities)
  • Responses to CDP and Nikkei SDGs Survey
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