Social Media Policy

We, GLORY Group (hereinafter GLORY) regulates, in this policy, the rules and principles in operation of social media channels as follows:

1. Objective for using Social Media

GLORY will undertake company promotion and publicity activities using social media for the purpose to build good relations with stakeholders including customers and others.

2. Basic Policy

We, GLORY, in utilizing the social media, will communicate with our stakeholders with sincerity, while observing the laws and the rules defined in our "Corporate Action Guidelines" and "Employees Standards of Behavior".

3. Basic stance for using social media

Those who intends to post certain information to the social media should be responsible for the contents of the information, and be aware that the information disclosed shall be accessible by general public and unable to retract or delete completely from the internet.

4. To customers and users of social media

  • ・All the information posted in the social media by GLORY does not necessarily represent official announcement or ideas of GLORY. Please visit and see our website and the information contained in our news release for the official information of GLORY.
  • ・GLORY does not commit to responding to each posting made in our social media sites.
  • ・Contents of postings to our social media channels shall be used, case by case, by us for our business and marketing purposes without prior approval by the authors of the postings.
  • ・We may delete, from our social media channels, the information considered inappropriate, or block the access to our channels by the users who posted such inappropriate information.

5. Contents of the Corporate Social Media Channel

GLORY's corporate social media channel includes following information: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube etc.


Channel Name GLORY corporate social media channel
Contents Delivers various video captures of TVCM, a company profile and events.
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