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Global Market

Brushed-up unique technologies have been deployed not only in Japan but also around the world, ready to lead to next-gen solutions in modern societies with increasing security concerns.
  • Self-service coin and banknote recyclers for cashiers –
    The CI-10X delivers the latest technology to automate all cash processes across retail, food service, and amusement markets globally. It enables 4 denominations of notes to be recycled and automatic coin loading. Combined with Glory’s back-office devices, CI-10X reduces cash security risks with its closed-loop operation with cash collection cassettes. In addition, the CI-10X enables retailers expand their business, such as cash deposit and withdrawal services.
  • Coin and banknote recyclers for back offices - CI-100X
    CI-100X improves the efficiency and management of change funds and sales proceeds for medium and large retail stores. Automating many cash management processes, such as banknote verification and reducing the number of loading and collecting operations, CI-100X allows staff to focus on other activities that improve customer experience. Connecting with Glory’s point-of-sale solution means cashiers do not need to handle cash when transporting funds between the front and back-office; meaning no discrepancies and also keeping processes hygienic.
  • Teller Cash Recycler – RBG/V6G Series
    The RBG-200/V6G series teller cash recycling solution is part of a range of best-in-class cash automation and management solutions from Glory. It delivers open plan layouts, reduced start / end of day processes, faster teller transactions including deposit and dispense, redeployment of staff and enhanced customer experience.
  • Teller Cash Recycler – GLR Series
    The GLR series is Glory’s global, unified, high-end Teller Cash Recycler brand. It delivers open plan layouts including self-service transactions in diverse bank branches, reduced start / end of day processes, faster teller transactions including deposit and dispense, redeployment of staff and enhanced customer experience.
  • Assisted Service Solution – TellerInfinity
    TellerInfinity enables customers to do more for themselves such as transactions of banknotes, coins and checks. Combining improved customer experience with lower operating costs and increased resources dedicated to new product sales, TellerInfinity can transform the profitability of the branch network.
  • In-branch multi-transactional branch banking solution – TellerConcierge
    TellerConcierge is a compelling solution for teller-line replacement, automating almost any banking transaction; including the advanced requirements from the small-to-medium businesses, which are not possible to serve on most ATM channels.
    *Only available in specific countries.
  • Compact Banknote Counter / Sorter – GFS-220 Series
    The GFS-220 series improves operational efficiency performing fitness analysis and authentication at high speeds of over 1,000 notess/minute. Multi-currency value count, detailed counterfeit analysis, and optical character recognition are all available features.
  • Desktop Banknote Sorting Machine – USF-200
    A compact, efficient and accurate 2 porket banknote sorter, the USF-200 effortlessly handles large volumes of notes such as branch and cash centre significantly improving your cash handling processes, performance and productivity. High-speed count processing of 1,000 sheets / minute is possible.
  • High-performance Banknote Sorters – UW-F Series
    The advanced banknote sorters consistently provide the highest levels of authentication and fitness sorting while keeping your operational costs down. They offer you maximum flexibility with true modularity in a choice of 4 configurations designed for high volume banknote processing especially for cash centre.
  • Compact Coin Sorter – SCW-20
    Aimed at medium size bank branches or cash centres, retailers, transportation hubs or anywhere coin is accumulated. SCW-20 provides a 3,000 pieces/minute counting speed and has a 4,500 pieces large hopper which improves your coin handling processes, performance and productivity.
  • Desktop Coin Wrapper – WS Series
    The WS series is a compact desktop coin wrapper and counting machine that provides a 1,800 pieces/ minutes counting and 12 rolls/minutes wrapping speed. With advanced functionality and a consistent set of operations for all coin wrapping procedures, the WS series removes the cost of outsourced coin processing and wrapping.
  • Coin Wrapper – WR-500
    The high-speed WR-500 wraps large volumes of coins suitable for any size of operation. The coin wrapper delivers you smooth and exceptional performance day-in and day-out, increasing efficiency and accuracy to speed up wrapping while minimising errors especially for CIT and mint.

Japanese Market

GLORY has provided various products in the financial, distribution, and transportation industries as a money handling machine pioneer ever since it released the first Japan-made coin counter.

Financial Market

Banks are our main clients since we started our business. We supply our products mainly to bank branches and Cash-Processing centers. We supply also banknote-depositing units and coin-depositing/dispensing units as OEM to ATM manufacturers. We have captured more than 70% of Japanese market. Our products are utilized worldwide as well, especially bank branches and Cash-In-Transit (CIT) in North America, Europe, Asia, and some other areas.
  • Open Teller Systems
    Our main products that support efficient and rigid cash operations at sales offices in financial institutions.
  • Multi-functional Banknote Change Dispensers
    Equipped with an automatic validation function that recalculates in-stock cash, this product greatly reduces the exchange operation workload and machine management.
  • Coin and Banknote Recyclers for Tellers
    Used by tellers for cash deposits/withdrawals. Equipped with a recycling function that allows deposited banknotes or coins to be used for withdrawals.
  • Valuable Item Management Systems
    In addition to rigorous user verification functions, operation histories are strictly managed. Reduces the valuable item management workload.
  • Electronic Booking Board
    Supports simple, easy, and speedy form-filling by the use of touch pens. Reduces the customer wait time.
  • PC Integrated Scanner
    High performance all-in-one model scanner integrating a PC.

Retail and Transportation Market

The customers in the Retail and Transportation Market operate in many diverse sectors. Some are distributors and retailers, such as department stores and supermarkets. Others are operators of transit systems, such as railways and bus lines. Still others are Cash-in-transit (CIT) companies. Leveraging our long track record and wealth of experience in Japan, we sell machines and offer solutions as a money flow solutions provider to customers primarily in Europe and North America.
  • Change Dispensers
    Totally supports register cash management such as counting deposited cash, dispensing change, managing wrapped coins, etc.
  • Hybrid Deposit Machines
    Realizes fast confirmation of shop's sales proceeds and increase operational efficiencies. Can deposit coupons as well as cash.
  • Consolidated Electronic Money Readers
    IC card readers for various electronic money transactions are consolidated into one.
  • Smart Lockers
    IC tickets or QR * codes are used as keys. Lineups include delivery lockers at stations or super markets. * QR code is the registered trademark of DENSO WAVE Incorporated.
  • Small Deposit/Withdrawal Machines
    Automate a series of processes at station tellers etc., ranging from counting deposited cash and dispensing change, to storing and managing in-stock cash.
  • Sales Proceeds Deposit Machines
    One machine can handle the deposit, counting, and storing of sales proceeds. Supports safe and secure deposit operations.
  • Touch Panel Ticket Vending Machines
    Equipped with a free menu layout touch panel on a large display.
  • Automatic Registers
    Menus are managed by IC tags attached to containers. The price and nutrition are instantly calculated by placing the tray at the register.
  • Medical Payment Machines
    Automate medical payments by linking with the accounting system. This full self-checkout system reduces the accounting wait time.
  • Ballot Sorters
    Can instantly read handwritten characters and sort/count ballots at a speed of 660 ballots per minute.

Amusement and Gaming Market

GLORY provides a worldwide customer base with a complete line of Amusement and Gaming Market products
  • Machine-attached Counting Units
    Allow the counting of balls on the spot during play. Operations improved by the use of color LCD touch panels.
  • Prize Storage Machines
    Support a wide range of prize exchange/management tasks for pachinko hall operations, including automatic ball counting for prizes.

Other Market

GLORY has also branched out into other domestic markets. Our primary customers in these other markets include consumer finance firms, government agencies, hospitals, recreation facilities, and general corporations
  • Facial Recognition System
    Uses the unique algorithm developed by our advanced money processing technologies. Has achieved the industry’s top-level recognition accuracy.
  • Collaborative Robot SI Business
    Provides SI services, utilizing our own production technology knowhow, supports the system construction of automated lines using collaborative robots.
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