By combining its advanced technologies in the two core fields of recognition/identification and mechatronics*, GLORY continues to move forward with the future in mind

In 1950, GLORY introduced Japan's first Coin Counter. As a pioneer in the business of cash handling machines, we have developed a wide range of products since. By building on a foundation of recognition/identification and mechatronics* technology, GLORY has helped to increase efficiency and labor savings in the operations of financial institutions throughout the world.

Through ongoing programs in research and development, GLORY is working to apply and develop its accumulated technological resources in core fields. Concerns about security are growing in all fields of business nowadays. Among the various securities related technologies we work with, we have been focusing closely on the field of biometrics. By applying our technological resources and working with research institutes such as universities, we are now exploring new and varied possibilities in the security field of facial recognition. GLORY has been a pioneer in technology for many years and continues to look toward the future.

* Mechatronics: the synergistic combination of precision mechanical engineering, electronic control, and systems thinking in the design of products and manufacturing processes

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