Preserving Biodiversity


Glory is engaged in a variety of activities for preserving biodiversity in collaboration with stakeholders such as local communities and incorporated NPOs.

Biodiversity Initiatives

Activities in the Glory Yumesaki Forest

Activities in the Glory Yumesaki Forest

Society receives immense benefits from nature, and therefore efforts to maintain and preserve biodiversity are necessary to enjoy these benefits continuously and far into the future.

Glory clearly recognizes the impact of its business activities on biodiversity and pursues a variety of initiatives to maintain and preserve biodiversity in collaboration with stakeholders, including local communities and NPOs.

Activities in the Glory Yumesaki Forest

Forest Conservation

Planting an apple tree

Making tables out of timber from forest thinning

Glory has been participating in forest conservation activities in the Glory Yumesaki Forest located in Himeji, Hyogo in collaboration with the forestry cooperative. We thin out one hectare of undergrowth per year among the hinoki cypress and broadleaf groves and plant 20 trees per year, mainly broadleaf trees including mountain cherry and konara oak, from the beginning of spring to early summer every year. We strive to reproduce and maintain the rich natural environment by forming favorable environments for village forests.

In fiscal year 2019, the activity was conducted in April with 82 participants from Group companies and business partners including family members.

Botanical Survey

Botanical survey underway in a hinoki cypress grove

Botanical survey underway in a hinoki cypress grove

We conduct joint botanical and biological surveys with specialists to look into the types and growth status of plant life in order to scientifically examine the effectiveness of the Glory Yumesaki Forest for preserving biodiversity. During the course of conducting the surveys, it was also confirmed that a rare species of woodpecker and a frog listed in the Hyogo Prefectural version of the Local Red Data Book were living in the area. We will continue to conduct this survey periodically in order to confirm the effectiveness of forest conservation as well as to determine what policies are required for future activities.

Efforts to Educate the Next Generation

Making forest lanthanum

Tracing insects and small animals in a forest

Each year in autumn we hold the Kids’ Nature Workshop. Various programs are designed for parents and children to stroll through the forest while observing insects and plants and to have fun in nature with the goal of passing on an appreciation of it to the next generation.

In fiscal year 2019, we held the workshop in October with 82 Glory Group employees, business partners, and family members.


Activities in the Kanto Region

Forest conservation activity in Hachioji, Tokyo

Forest conservation activity in Hachioji, Tokyo

In fiscal year 2013, Glory began expanding its activities into the Kanto region topreserve biodiversity in collaboration with NPOs.

Since fiscal year 2017, we have participated in the Restoring Satoyama project in a designated greenery conservation area in Hachioji, Tokyo as a forest conservation activity. We also conduct a clean-up on the banks of the Arakawa River, Tokyo and offer opportunities to learn about biodiversity with the aim of promoting environmental preservation.

In fiscal year 2019, 74 Glory Group employees, business partners, and family members participated.


Main Activities by Region

Company Activity
GLORY(PHILIPPINES), INC. • Participated in the Adopt-A-Tree Park Program to plant trees
• Participated in the Adopt-A-River Project to clean up banks
• Participated in an ocean regeneration project in the municipality of Rosario in the province of Cavite, Philippines (donated "reef buds")
GLORY AZ System Co., Ltd. Participated in a tree planting project to prevent desertification
GLORY Engineering Ltd. Participated in the Takao Forest Tree Planting Festival for creating a diverse and rich forest
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