Environmental Management


To create a sustainable society, the entire Glory Group works to protect the environment under the Glory Environmental Vision.

Environmental Management Framework

The Glory Group considers environmental conservation to be a key management concern, and therefore we have implemented an ISO 14001-compliant environmental management system to reduce the environmental impact in every aspect of our business. The system covers a broad range of our activities, from energy conservation, resource conservation, waste reduction, and appropriate chemical substance management to environmentally friendly product development.

In March 2002, the head office was the first in the Group to acquire ISO 14001, and certification has currently spread to Glory’s main business sites, regional offices, and Group manufacturing companies. We are also working toward acquiring ISO certification and for comprehensive environmental impact reduction efforts to promote environmental conservation at overseas Group companies as well.

Our environmental management framework consists of sites for reducing environmental impacts from business operations and business units for reducing the environmental impact of products.

We develop an annual environmental management action policy in conjunction with the basic management and environmental policies, ensuring reliability and continuous improvement of the management framework and system to be effective in all business operations related to products and services. Also, we strive to expand the action policy into respective sites and business units and confirm implementation status. At the same time, we share and horizontally address issues and counter measures by the Environmental Management Committee and conduct management reviews whereby we utilize PDCA cycles to integrate business activities Groupwide. Moreover, the environmental management department conducts a continuous improvement of the system for the entire Group.

ISO 14001 Certification Status (As of April 1, 2019)

GLORY LTD. 14 sites Head Office/Factory, Tokyo Office, Shinagawa Business Place, Saitama Factory, Himeji Distribution Center, Tohoku Regional Office, Joshinetsu Regional Office, Kanto Regional Office, Tokyo Regional Office, Tokai Regional Office, Kinki Regional Office, Chugoku Regional Office, Shikoku Regional Office, Kyushu Regional Office
Domestic Group companies 6 companies, 13 sites
  • GLORY Products Ltd.: Head Office/Fukusaki Factory, Kasai Factory, Sayo Factory, Ichikawa Factory, Kochi Factory
  • GLORY AZ System Co., Ltd.: Head Office/Nishinomiya Office, Tokyo Office
  • GLORY System Create Ltd.: Himeji Head Office, Tokyo Office
  • GLORY Engineering Ltd.: Head Office, Himeji Office
  • GLORY Friendly Co., Ltd.
  • GLORY Mechatronics Ltd.
Overseas Group companies 5 companies, 5 sites
  • GLORY Denshi Kogyo (Suzhou) Ltd.
  • Glory Global Solutions Inc.
  • Glory Global Solutions (France) S.A.S.
  • Glory Global Solutions (Germany) GmbH

Environmental Management Framework

Environmental Management Framework

*The chief officer of the environmental management system, who is entrusted by the president with all authority and responsibility to promote and maintain the environmental management system.

Environmental Audit

Our ISO 14001 certified business sites conduct audits integrated with ISO 9001 performed by internal auditors and external auditors from a certification body.

The internal audits mainly confirm legal compliance such as that with environmental regulatory limits including noise and water quality as well as the status of reports to authorities and conformity with standards for continuously improving the environmental management system. In the internal audits in fiscal year 2018, we examined the conformity and validity of the implementation status of ISO 14001:2015, and non-conformity was not discovered, while external examinations did not discover any either. The results of the audits and examinations are laterally reviewed across the Glory Group and shared with all employees through a bottom-up approach across our activities.

Environmental Risk Management

We conduct environmental impact assessments annually to reduce environmental risk and stipulate response procedures for specific risks. Furthermore, we ensure that internal systems are in place and conduct thorough employee education, particularly by emphasizing proper industrial waste processing and hazardous materials management.

Waste management systems are in place at each site for proper industrial waste processing, and in addition to the thorough training of managers and other responsible employees in charge of waste management, we apply strict standards in selecting waste processing contractors and conduct on-site inspections.

For hazardous materials management, we stipulate the response procedures in the event of an emergency involving an oil spill and regularly hold simulation drills.

Compliance with Environmental Laws

Recognizing legal compliance as a key aspect of environmental conservation, Glory is committed to thorough operational management. We closely monitor changes to laws and regulations and confirm our own compliance status twice a year. On-site inspections are based on a dedicated checklist at each site during internal environmental audits. Moreover, CMS (chemical substances management system) audits are periodically conducted at the sites of business partners and overseas subsidiaries.

As a result of verifying legal compliance in fiscal year 2018, we confirmed that no serious non-compliance problems or accidents have impacted the environment.

Environmental Education

We focus on environmental education as we believe that correctly understanding the impact of our business activities on the environment is a key to ongoing efforts to reduce such impact.

In addition to including environmental management system requirements in new employee training, we conduct tailored educational programs based on professional positions such as management training for newly appointed managers and training on environmentally friendly design for product designers. Moreover, we seek to build on the expertise of employees by executing training in areas such as internal environmental auditing and waste management.

We are striving to raise environmental awareness further by informing all employees, including resident business partners, of our environmental activities.

[TOPIC] Received the Outstanding Environmental Performers Award

GLORY (PHILIPPINES), INC. is reducing its power and water usage as well as industrial waste towards alleviating the environmental impact in its business activities. The company monitors data monthly and takes corrective actions when targets are not met. Moreover, it promotes activities for preserving biodiversity by participating in events such as river clean-ups and tree-planting as well as cleaning around its premises. In May 2019, it received its second Outstanding Environmental Performers award from PEZA* in recognition of these efforts.

*PEZA: Philippine Economic Zone Authority

Award ceremony

Award ceremony

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