Environmental Vision and Environmental Policy


The GLORY Environmental Vision

GLORY's environmental vision is captured in the slogan we adopted in 2010: "GLORY GREEN CHALLENGE: Leading the way for a prosperous Earth with dynamics and technology through cooperative efforts." In FY2015, we established the "2017 Medium-Term Environmental Plan" as our three-year plan based upon our vision, and are working toward these targets.

The GLORY Environmental Vision 2017 Medium-Term Environmental Plan

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Environmental Policy of the GLORY Group

● We will act in earth-friendly ways and endeavor to provide environment-friendly products with the consent of the company.

The GLORY Group (hereafter "we") preserve the environment activity based on the fact that we develop, manufacture, sell, maintain and distribute money processing machines, automatic vending machines, information communication device, etc.

1. We should exactly understand what impacts our business, products and services cause on the environment so that we can prevent environmental pollution.

2. We should conduct environmental audits and try to continuously improve the environmental management system.

3. We should comply with applicable legal requirements that relate to our environmental aspects and comply with other requirements to which we subscribe.

4. We should make an effort achieve the following items as management subject matters, decide objectives and targets, and review the status at planned intervals.

  (1) Promoting Green factory and Green office
 ・ Energy saving and prevention of global warming
 ・ Resource saving and recycling
 ・ Proper control of chemical substances

  (2) Providing environmentally-friendly products
 ・ Energy-saving products
 ・ Green procurement
 ・ Reducing chemical substances contained in products
 ・ Recyclable products

5. We should support the activities to preserve the environment, thus contributing to society.

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