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Long-Term Vision and Medium-Term Management Plan

Long-Term Vision 2028 and 2023 Medium-Term Management Plan

Long-Term Vision 2028

Aim of Long-Term Vision 2028

long-term vision

It is expected that drastic changes will occur imminently in the business environment surrounding the Company and its group companies. These include emergence of new payment mechanisms and digital currencies realized by adoption of rapidly advancing technology, population increase centered in the emerging economies, and rapid acceleration of population aging in Japan. Taking these changes as an opportunity, we aim to deliver renewed value to the society in the “Long-Term Vision 2028”. To achieve this goal, we will endeavor to create next-generation products and services through advancement of the core technologies built in the development of cash handling machines and promotion of open innovation.


Long-Term Vision 2028

new tagline
We enable a confident world

Safe and secure transactions are critical to your business,
and your customers.

We deliver secure, efficient payment systems and instant,
highly accurate identity verification and authentication solutions
that enable confidence in transactions and other interactions
between businesses and people.

Our innovative technologies, our experienced professionals
and our commitment to the success of our customers,
partners and communities create a safe, confident path forward.

We are Glory –we enable a confident world for a better tomorrow.


Long-Term Performance Target (Fiscal 2027)

Consolidated net sales: approx. 500 billion yen

Business Domains

business domain

Technologies and Functions

1. Extend software capabilities (data analytics) through internal growth, acquisitions, and strategic partnership

2. Develop core competency in total system engineering to deliver unique customer value through combining Glory and 3rd party technologies

technologies and functions

Culture and Organization

2023 Medium-Term Management Plan

2023 Medium-Term Management Plan Logo

About Concept


Direction of Growth Strategy


Basic Policy / Performance Targets


Basic Policy / Key Initiatives


Performance Target by Business Segment


Overseas Business Strategy


Domestic Business Strategy


New business domain


Capital and Financial Strategies / Investment Plan


Shareholder Returns


Past Long-Term Vision and Medium-Term Management Plan

2020 Medium-Term Management Plan [FY2018-FY2020]

2017 Medium-Term Management Plan [FY2015-FY2017]

Long-Term Vision 2018 [FY2012-FY2018]

2014 Medium-Term Management Plan [FY2012-FY2014]

2011 Medium-Term Management Plan [FY2009-FY2011]

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