Investor Relations

Policies concerning Disclosure of Information and Constructive Dialogues with Shareholders and Investors

Basic Policy

GLORY (the “Company”) commits to “communicating with stakeholders and striving for appropriate information disclosure” in its Corporate Action Guidelines. Based on this stance, the Company is dedicated to increasing the transparency in its management through quick, accurate and fair means of providing the latest corporate information and to gaining a better understanding of its management policies and business activities through constructive dialogues, thereby building long-term relationships of trust with shareholders and investors.

1. Disclosure Policy

  • Information disclosure

    a. Information disclosure standards
    The Company discloses its corporate information in accordance with the Companies Act, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other laws and regulations as well as with the timely disclosure rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (the “timely disclosure rules”), where the Company’s stock is listed. Also, with respect to the information that is not covered by the timely disclosure rules, including non-financial information, the Company endeavors to voluntarily disclose such information taking into consideration the timeliness and fairness of information disclosure, to the extent that the Company believes such disclosure is useful for shareholders and investors to reach investment decisions.

    b. Methods of disclosure
    In disclosing the corporate information covered by the timely disclosure rules, the Company utilizes the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) service provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Also, all corporate information disclosed through TDnet is posted on the Company’s website immediately after TDnet disclosure. Furthermore, with respect to the information not covered by the timely disclosure rules, the Company endeavors to ensure that such information is disseminated with accuracy and fairness through suitable method.

    c. Procedures for disclosure
    The company has established a Disclosure Committee to facilitate timely and appropriate disclosure of corporate information. The Committee is chaired by the Chief Information Officer and comprises the managers of several departments to enable cross-sectoral discussions.
    The internal procedures for disclosures are as follows: upon occurrence of any “corporate decision”, “facts” or ”earnings results” (as defined in the timely disclosure rules) concerning the Company or its subsidiaries that could affect investment judgments by shareholders and investors, the Disclosure Committee holds a deliberation about whether to disclose the information and about the timeliness and appropriateness of such disclosure, after which the Company will make disclosure following a resolution of the Board of Directors. Any information that would require urgent disclosure may be disclosed with an approval of the Company president, provided that, upon disclosure, the president will notify the Board of Directors of the contents and the background of the disclosure.

    d. Management of insider information
    The Company enforces strict control over confidential information based on its internal rules concerning insider information to prevent external leaks of such information and insider trading.

  • Handling of information on earnings forecast and future outlook

    Whenever the Company announces earnings forecasts, future prospects and other forward-looking information, such announcement will be made with cautionary statements to the effect that such information is based on the facts currently available to the company and certain assumptions which the Company regards as legitimate; it includes known or unknown risks and uncertainties; and a number of factors could cause actual results to differ materially from those described in such forward-looking statements.

  • Quiet period

    For the purpose of preventing leaks of information on financial results, the Company observes a quiet period from the day following the end of each fiscal quarter until the announcement of financial results for such quarter. During the quiet period, the Company refrains from answering any questions or having interviews involving financial results in the applicable financial period. However, if there was an event covered by the timely disclosure rules during the quiet period, disclosure will be made as to such event in accordance with the rules.

2. Constructive Dialogues

The Company endeavors to streamline and consolidate its framework, and implements activities, for constructive dialogues with shareholders and investors with the aim of ensuring continued growth of the Company and enhancing its corporate value on a medium and long-term basis, as follows;

  • The officer in charge of investor relations (the “IR officer”) supervises all activities involving the dialogues. Also, a specialized department (“IR department”) is established to take charge of conducting dialogues and coordinating with various sections assisting the dialogues, such as corporate planning, accounting and finance, and legal affairs.
  • All requests from shareholders and investors for meetings are complied with by the IR officer or other executives, or the head of IR department or IR staff, depending on the purposes of requested meetings.
  • To increase opportunities for constructive dialogues, the Company proactively plans various events, such as, holding investor information meetings in which the company president and the IR officer will make presentations, arranging meetings with Japanese and foreign investors, and hosting showroom and factory tours after shareholders meetings.
  • The IR officer shares opinions and requests received from shareholders and investors with other executives at the Board of Directors meetings and in other appropriate opportunities.

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