Human Resources

Promoting Diversity

The Long-Term Vision 2028 spells out the Glory group's aims for its corporate culture, organization, and human resources under the concepts of "Open-minded," "Speed beyond expectation," "Global company," and "Challenging spirit." To achieve this Vision, we strive to create a welcoming and motivating workplace environment that respects employees' diversity, as well as their personalities and individualities. We are cultivating a corporate culture in which all employees can maximize their potential, regardless of age, gender, nationality, or work experience.

Policy for developing human resources and establishing a work environment to embrace the diversity of our core human resources

We are committed to establishing a work environment that can nurture and develop the abilities of our diverse employees. We believe that the growth and development of our employees will support the sustainable growth of the company and the enhancement of our corporate value.

Equal Opportunities for Women and More Women in Management Positions

We are advancing action plans based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace to promote equal opportunities for women and endorse their advancement to management positions. Similarly, we are reforming our work styles to support the optimum work-life balance of our employees.

The percentage of females for our new graduate positions in fiscal 2022 was 17.4%, and the number of female managers was 29 people (2.71%), as of March 2023. Our target for FY2025 (fiscal year ending March 31, 2026) is 25% and 44 respectively.

We are also making progress on the uptake of paternity leave. The uptake rate in fiscal 2022 was 60%, more than 30 percentage points higher than our target for fiscal 2025. We continue our initiatives to raise awareness in the workplace and encourage male employees to increase the number of days of paternity leave.

■ Action plan based on The Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

1. Period
From April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2026 (Five years)

2. Our challenges
a) Low ratio of women to men hired in new graduate positions
b) Limited number of departments where women are assigned
c) Imbalance of females to males employed in management positions despite no significant difference in length of service

3. Target
a) A minimum of 25% of new graduates are to be filled by females by 2025
- Assess the potential and abilities of all employees regardless of gender using fair standards
- Promote the recruitment of women by featuring female employees in external PR media
- Working with the departments, explore and extend the range of positions available to women, then address situations where gender imbalances exist, by assigning females when hiring new graduates and reassigning female employees through internal job-posting system* (more details)
- Formulate and implement measures to retain young employees regardless of gender

b) Double the number of female employees in management positions in the next five years
- Encourage and support female employees to take the leadership roles in non-management positions
- Promote behavioral changes amongst female employees in such positions to identify those who are willing to develop skills in other members of the team
- Develop female role models for the management positions
- Promote awareness and behavioral changes to increase the number of females in management positions who are willing to develop skills of team/group members
- Establish the ‘GLORY Workstyle’ and reduce overtime work

Ratio of Female in New Graduate Positions
Ratio of Female New Graduate Hires
Number of Females in Management Positions
FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 FY2025
16 17 22 28 29 44

Recruitment and Promotion of Foreign Nationals

As our business grows globally, we promote the recruitment of global talents including foreign nationals in Japan, as well as their promotion to management positions, under the policy to encourage the recruitment of talented personnel regardless of nationality.

In the corporate and the overseas business divisions, foreign nationals with diverse cultural backgrounds play active roles. As of March 2023, 15 foreign nationals including China and Australia, are working in the headquarters in Japan. We will continue to actively recruit foreign employees and promote them to managerial positions.

The Glory Group has more than 5,000 non-Japanese employees (approximately 49%) and our subsidiaries are managed mainly by locals in general or senior management positions.

Nationalities of Employees per Region (Glory Group, as of March 2023)
Nationalities of Employees per Region

EMEA: Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East
USA: North America, Central America, South America
South-East Asia and others : South-East Asia, India, Australia, New Zealand

Promotion of Mid-Career Hires

We actively recruit personnel with a wide range of knowledge, skills, backgrounds, and careers, who can become immediate forces within the Company. In line with our management policy, we are currently promoting the recruitment of core personnel with high management skills, as well as personnel who can contribute to our new business fields with their specialized IT and DX skills. We also promote the assignment of such personnel to management or specialist positions respectively.

As of March 2023, the percentage of mid-career hires in management positions is 22.1%.

Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Cleaning public areas at the headquarters

Cleaning public areas at the headquarters

To promote the independence of the persons with disabilities, Glory Group offers employment opportunities through GLORY Friendly Co., Ltd. established in 1999 as special-purpose subsidiary. Under the slogan of "Foster a creative workplace where communication is valued and one can fully demonstrating their skills and abilities”, the employees are currently engaged in tasks such as cleaning, greening, in-house mail delivery, and waste disposals. We are working to extend a range positions to best suit the individuality and capabilities of each employee.

Number and Ratio of Employees with Disabilities

Number and Ratio of Employees with Disabilities

*Includes data of GLORY Products Ltd., GLORY Friendly Co., Ltd., GLORY System Create Ltd., and GLORY Mechatronics Ltd.

Re-Employment Provision for Retirees

In accordance with the Act on Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons, Glory offers re-employment opportunities for employees over sixty, and those who wish to continue to work can do so until the age of sixty-five. This secures job opportunities for the retired and allows an effective use of their knowledge and experience.

In fiscal 2022, 84 out of 91 employees used this provision.

Number and Ratio of Employees Under Re-employment System

Number and Ratio of Employees Who Utilized Re-employment System

Human Resource Development

With the belief that Glory’s growth is integrally connected with the growth of each employee, we conduct programs to develop their capabilities and foster diversity.

Fostering Globally Minded Human Resources

As our business grows globally, overseas sales now account for over half of the Glory Group’s net sales, and the percentage of foreign nationals are approximately 49% as of March 2023. Given the situation, we implement the following initiatives to foster human resources that support the growth of our global business.

Short-Term Overseas Study Program

Attending language lessons (U.K.)

Attending language lessons (U.K.)

Glory offers an overseas short-term study program to develop human resources with a global perspective. Participants attend local language schools to acquire the language and gain skills and experience that would be beneficial for global business.

From fiscal 2014 to fiscal 2019, a total of 23 employees had taken part in this program.

Overseas Trainee Program

Trainee at a Group company (France)

Trainee at a Group company (France)

The one-year program allows Japanese employees to take part in on-the-job training in an overseas group company. It provides them with opportunities to gain the required experience and skills to represent Glory on a global stage.

Since the start, total of 26 employees from Development, Sales, and other divisions have participated in the program.

Training for the Managers of Overseas Production Subsidiaries

Training session for the managers of overseas production subsidiaries

Training session for the managers of overseas production subsidiaries

Since 2016, Glory has facilitated a training program in Japan for the managers of our production subsidiaries: GLORY Denshi Kogyo (Suzhou) Ltd. (China) and GLORY (PHILIPPINES), INC.

The training program is intended to enhance the self-sustaining capabilities of the said subsidiaries, and a total of seven managers have taken part to date. The program includes management training and the sessions where the participants learn the required knowledge and technologies and enhance their risk management capabilities relevant to production sites. With a better understanding of the Japanese production system, the managers return to their respective countries to apply their newly gained knowledge and experience.

Developing Future Executives

Glory Business College

Glory Business College

Glory offers a training program named ‘Glory Business College’, targeting management-level employees to prepare them to become next generation of executives.

The seven-month program includes training sessions and external seminars where participants can acquire the required skills and knowledge to become executives. The program also gives participants opportunities to extend their network through interaction with other participants from various divisions and other industries.

We also offers various programs, such as the Business Leader Training Program and the Next-Generation Branch Manager Candidate Training Program.

Career-Building Initiatives

We assist employees with their career plans through the systems and initiatives to help enhance their skills and career development.

Career Training

Glory offers career training according to the stages of their career.

‘Self-Inquiry Training’ is offered to employees on three different occasions; when they first join Glory, on their fourth year of service, and when they turn thirty. The program helps participants to envisage their career plans and to develop into competent employees who can achieve set goals with confidence.

Other example includes ‘Life-Career Plan Training’ for employees over the age of 50. The aim is to provide them with an opportunity to reflect on their careers, experience, skills, and strengths and envisage the remainder of their career up to retirement.

Career interviews

Glory has introduced a HR database system to specify employees’ knowledge, skills, experience as well as their vision on career path, all of which we consider important management resource. Based on such data, supervisors arrange regular interviews with each of their respective employees to help them envision their own career paths. This helps the employees to be self-directed towards set goals and increase their job satisfaction. This also helps us foster an environment where employees can make the best use of their abilities.

Internal Job-Posting System

Glory has in place an internal job posting system that encourage employees to initiate their own career development. The system allows divisions seeking new talent to post positions available, to which employees are free to apply. It is intended to motivate our employees and in turn help invigorate our corporate culture.

Career Consultation

Glory offers consultation service to support employees’ career plans and skill development. Employees can consult counselors via e-mail, phone or/and in person depending on their individual needs.

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