Major CSR Initiatives in the Value Chain


The Glory Group is implementing these major initiatives for each stakeholder category in the value chain.

  • Planning
  • Development
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Maintenance
Value Chain
Major Initiatives for Each Stakeholder

Glory continues to take the challenges of addressing social issues by delivering products and solutions that provide value to customers.

●Create new value and solutions
●Plan products that match customer needs
Product lineup
CustomersGlobal environment
●Plan environmentally friendly products
Global environment
●Map out the product life cycle
●Develop global human resources
As a development-oriented company, Glory is working to create new value that exceeds the expectations of customers as well as society.
●Swiftly develop products that match customer needs
●Ensure quality
●Incorporate universal design
●Develop products utilizing new technologies
R&D sites
11 sites in 7 countries
R&D investment
Approx. 13.2 billion yen (consolidated)
Number of patents, utility models, and designs owned by Glory
2,053 (consolidated)
CustomersGlobal environment
●Develop environmentally friendly products
G-Eco products
Developed 14 models
●Promote a work-life balance
●Provide education to improve employee skills
Besides carrying out fair and open purchasing and ensuring stable procurement, Glory incorporates CSR throughout its entire supply chain.
●Ensure quality and pursue appropriate, competitive pricing
Business partners
●Promote CSR-oriented procurement in unison with suppliers
●Strengthen partnerships with suppliers
●Respect human rights within the supply chain
Response rate of the CSR voluntary checklist
Approx. 96% (GLORY LTD.)
100% (GLORY Products Ltd.)
Number of companies participating in Supplier Conferences
170 (GLORY LTD.)
97 (GLORY Denshi Kogyo (Suzhou) Ltd.)
Global environment
●Promote green procurement
●Preserve biodiversity
Under Glory’s optimized manufacturing system, each of the company’s factories around the world applies its own strengths to deliver high-quality products in a timely manner.
●Ensure quality and reliable supply
●Shorten lead time
●Boost cost competitiveness
Manufacturing system
9 sites in 3 countries
Global environment
●Manufacturing and distribution processes that facilitate saving, recycling, and reusing resources
Local communities
●Ensure safety in the vicinity of each plant
●Respect human rights and ensure occupational health and safety
Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate
Glory flexibly responds to the changing market environment so it can provide optimized solutions, in a timely manner, that match customer needs.
●Provide products and solutions in a timely manner that match customer needs
●Provide appropriate information on products and services
●Properly manage customer information and personal information
Sell products and solutions in over 100 countries
CustomersGlobal environment
●Sell environmentally friendly products
G-eco products account for approx. 73% of sales
Global environment
●Reduce environmental impact at the time of disposal
Collection of used products (using the Wide-area Certificate System)
Approx. 98t (GLORY LTD., Hokkaido GLORY Co., Ltd.)
●Promote a work-life balance
●Introduce a teleworking program
●Develop SEs (system engineers)
Glory operates a highly reliable support system and provides high-value-added services that correspond with customer needs to earn the trust of customers and provide them with satisfaction and peace of mind.
●Provide prompt, reliable maintenance
●Improve maintenance quality through customer focus
●Plan services that match customer needs
●Properly manage customer information and personal information
Number of maintenance personnel
Japan: approx. 1,000
Overseas: approx. 2,400
Global environment
●Switch to eco-cars
●Sell CFC-free cleaning goods (Recycle Jet)
Number of newly filled Recycle Jets
Approx. 60,000 units (reduced CO2 emissions: approx. 30,000 t)
●Promote a work-life balance
●Train employees based on qualification systems
Environmental Impact Energy-induced CO2 emissions 15,135 t-CO2 (9.5% decline over previous fiscal year) Scope 1 Scope 2
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