Key Sustainability Issues

Sustainability Material Issues and SDGs

To earn the trust of our stakeholders and continue to be a company that contributes to achieving a sustainable society, we have identified and categorized sustainability issues and identified our material issues, considering both the impact on Glory and our stakeholders. We have also categorized our material issues by linking them to the SDGs. We will contribute to achieving a sustainable society by sincerely addressing various issues facing the world and promoting materiality initiatives.

Process for Identifying Material Issues

We identified material issues based on the following process and set KPIs and have promoted related initiatives. We also linked the identified material issues to the SDGs to which they contribute.

Process for Identifying Material Issues

Material Issues and KPIs

In line with the start of the 2023 Medium-Term Management Plan, covering the three-year period from April 2021, we have put together the 2023 Sustainability Policy and identified new material issues from fiscal 2021. We have set KPIs for fiscal 2023 and are implementing various initiatives to achieve them.

Sustainability Policy Contribute to the sustainable growth of society and promote measures to improve corporate value

The Glory Group aims to realize a sustainable society by working to solve social issues with advanced technologies under Long-Term Vision 2028, which states “We enable a confident world."

Material Issues Map

Material Issues Map

2023 Medium-Term Sustainability KPI

  Material Issues FY2023 KPIs FY2021 KPIs FY2021 results
Environment Promote businesses contributing to a carbon-free society CO2 emissions from business activities 15% reduction
(vs. FY2013)
25.9% reduction
Development and spread environmentally friendly products contributing to a carbon-free society Reduce CO2 emissions in product usage 20,000 tons
(vs. FY2013)
Enhance the contribution to biodiversity preservation Biological and botanical survey
Forest conservation activity (plant and thin out trees)
Disclose results
100% as planned
・Implementation of vegetation surveys, and 18%/
10-year improvement in carbon fixation amounts
・Thinning : 0.94 ha; planting (trees): 13 trees
Plan achievement rate : 100 %
Social Respect for human rights and diversity Ensure the diversity of directors Disclose results One female board member
Ratio of female employees at time of hire 25% or more
(FY2025 Target)
Number of female managers 44
(FY2025 Target)
Number of foreign employees (including number of managers) Disclose results 13
Ratio of mid-career hires in management positions Disclose results 23.1%
Ratio of Employees with Disabilities Above 2.3% 2.46%
Training on human rights 100% Attendance rate 99.8%
Number of consultations on human rights Disclose results 13 cases
Training costs per employee (education investment) Disclose results 48,203yen
Number of whistleblowing cases Disclose results 13 cases
Maintain a healthy and safe workplace Annual actual working hours per employee Disclose results 2,025 hours
Promote health management Implementation of health management initiatives Initiatives such as prevention of and response to
COVID-19 and promotion of vaccinations
Number of days taken paid leave per employee More than the previous year 14 days
Lost-time injury frequency rate Less than the previous year 0.52
Lost-time injury severity rate Less than the previous year 0.005
Further promotion of global sustainable procurement Implement the voluntary checklist (new business partners and primary business partners) Response rate of 100% Response rate of 100%
Ensure product safety and quality Number of occurrences of serious product accidents (PL) 0 cases 0 cases
Number of severe incidents of non-compliance with laws and regulations (product safety) 0 cases 0 cases
Number of PL litigations about quality 0 cases 0 cases
Implementation rate of product safety assessment of newly developed products 100% 100%
Dialogue with Stakeholders Number of call center tours (customers) Disclose results 19 cases
Number of monitoring center visits (customers) Disclose results 55 cases
Number of showroom visits (Head Office, Tokyo Office) Disclose results 55 cases
Number of factory tours (Head Office and Saitama Factory) Disclose results 275 cases
Number of meetings with investors Disclose results 216 cases
Governance Strengthen corporate governance Analysis and evaluation relating to effectiveness of Board of Directors Disclose results Implemented third -party evaluations
Number of meetings of Board of Directors Disclose results 17 times
Risk identification and management from a global perspective Number of serious information security accidents 0 cases 0 cases
Information security education 100% 99.8%
Corporate ethics, legal compliance, and anti-corruption initiatives Number of serious compliance violations 0 cases 1 case
Creating new value Promote extension from core business domain Provide retail solutions that meet contactless and self-service needs Disclose case studies Supported retailers' promotion of self-checkout
Build and expand new business models Support the promotion of DX in restaurants and retail outlets Disclose case studies Active development of the DMP business
and the kiosk business
Promote IP (Intellectual Property) strategies Number of domestic patent filed / registered Disclose results Number acquired in Japan: 1,085 cases
Number of applications in Japan: 171 cases
Number of overseas patent filed / registered Disclose results Number acquired overseas: 1,057 cases
Number of applications overseas : 75 cases

CSR Material Issues Targets and Results

This section summarizes and analyzes the results of our efforts to address key CSR material issues through fiscal 2020. We categorized 11 material issues into five Priority CSR Themes and organized them into ESG (Environment, Society, and Governance) and New value creation.

Creating new value

Priority CSR Themes: New value creation through business

CSR Material Issues Targets for FY2020 Results for FY2020
  • Build a business model that contributes to the advancement of customers’ business and helps them boost their operational efficiency
Creating new value 1
  • Implementing external proof of concept (PoC) for the facial recognition payment system
  • Provide electronic know your customer (eKYC) solutions
  • Preparation for implementation of facial recognition payment service PoC at cafes in university facilities, etc.
  • Propose eKYC system to financial institutions
  • Aim to be a reliable partner to customers, and establish a scheme for periodically confirming progress and customer satisfaction
Creating new value 2
  • Conduct regular reviews with model customers based on big data analysis
  • Implementation of customer-initiated PoC (to confirm the effects of behavior change data analysis using in-store beacons) (October 2020)


Priority CSR Themes: Environmental protection

CSR Material Issues Targets for FY2020 Results for FY2020
  • Reduce energy consumption per employee
Environment 1
  • Reduce energy consumption per employee by 1% (base year: FY2010)
  • Reduce energy consumption per employee by an average of 1.8% per year (based on FY2010 levels)
  • Reduce CO2 emissions from new products
Environment 2
  • Improve energy efficiency of newly developed products by at least 15% compared to previous models
  • Increased by 32.4% (Target achieved for nine out of 35 models, of which six products were certified as G-Eco products)
  • Carry out biodiversity preservation activities in cooperation with stakeholders
Environment 3
  • Carry out 100% of activities planned for this fiscal year


  • We reduced collaborative activities *
  • Forest conservation activity completed as planned: 1 ha of thinning completed
  • Formulate a 10-year plan for forest conservation activities (FY2021 - FY2030)
  • Continuation of forest conservation activity and biodiversity learning program

Kanto Region

  • Refrain from forest conservation activities in Tokyo*
  • Refrain from cleaning up the riverbanks of the Arakawa River in Tokyo*
  • * Due to preventing the spread of COVID-19


Priority CSR Themes: Human resource initiatives

CSR Material Issues Targets for FY2020 Results for FY2020
  • Promote work-style reform
Society 1
  • Implement and establish new ways of working
  • Further promote of health
  • Introduction of new work style (October 2020)
    Company-wide introduction of flextime system and revision of operational rules for telecommuting
  • Continued to be certified as a Health and Productivity Management Organization 2021 (Large-Enterprise Category).
  • Implementation of measures against passive smoking (No smoking day at the end of the month and No smoking during working hours every Wednesday)
  • Health Promotion Support Event (Walking event)
  • Support and secure human resources essential to Glory’s business
Society 2
  • Offer job-level-specific training and support candidates who can lead the company in the future
  • Follow-up training for GLORY Business College to develop the next generation of executives

Priority CSR Themes: Promotion of CSR in the supply chain

CSR Material Issues Targets for FY2020 Results for FY2020
  • Conduct CSR-oriented procurement worldwide
Society 3
  • Continue to use the CSR voluntary checklist, and work to improve assessment score
  • Pursue activities at the purchasing division at Glory Global Solutions (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
  • Implementation the CSR voluntary checklist (433 primary business partners) and feedback to responding companies
    Response rate: 98%
  • Implementation of CSR voluntary checklist (60 primary business partners) at GLORY Products Ltd.
    Response rate: 100%
  • Implementation of CSR voluntary checklist in the purchasing department of Glory Global Solutions (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (17 primary business partners)
    Response rate: 100%
  • Implementation of CSR self-inspection checklist at GLORY IPO China Ltd. (65 primary business partners)
    Response rate: 92%


Priority CSR Themes: Strengthening of governance

CSR Material Issues Targets for FY2020 Results for FY2020
  • Strengthen corporate governance
Governance 1
  • Strengthen supervisory functions of the Board and accelerate decision-making in line with the transition to a company with an Audit & Supervisory Committee (delegation of authority)
  • Amend the Corporate Governance Guidelines (June 2020)
  • Revitalize Board meetings further and streamlining proposals
  • Transition to a Company with an Audit & Supervisory Committee (June 2020)
  • Revision of the Corporate Governance Guidelines (June 2020)
  • Speed up decision-making by delegating decision-making authority
  • Strengthen risk management activities and communicate to Glory Group companies
Governance 2
  • Develop risk assessment items further with overseas Group companies
  • Response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Enhancement of risk management activities
  • Establishment of a COVID-19 task force and activity development
  • Strengthen compliance management and communicate to Glory Group companies
Governance 3
  • Enhance and strengthen legal functions in line with business development
  • Enhance of the global compliance system
  • Implement job-level-specific compliance education for Glory and Group companies in Japan and overseas
  • Enhancement of whistleblowing system
  • Conducting employee engagement surveys
  • Implementation of compliance education within the Group
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