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Japanese “Mother Factories” Taking the Worldwide Quality Lead
Quality Control during Production Process

Quality Control during Production Process

Quality inspection tour at Himeji Factory

Quality inspection tour at Himeji Factory

The Japanese production sites are driving craftsmanship by serving as role models in the “mother factories” that take the lead in global production quality. Our Himeji Factory, Saitama Factory and Group manufacturing companies are themselves acquiring ISO 9001 international standard quality management system and conducting thorough quality control.

Production departments have established quality targets for each product and aim to increase product quality by using the PDCA cycle while analyzing the previous fiscal year’s results. For example, great care is taken to avoid damage to electrical parts within the factory by installing anti-static equipment to prevent damage to electrical parts or circuit boards. In the event a bug is discovered at the final inspection stage, thorough efforts are made to locate the source and corrective measures are employed to prevent any recurrence. In addition to the standard checking process, the department managers conduct a weekly quality inspection tour to confirm the effectiveness of corrective measures. By conducting these efforts repeatedly we can achieve a reliable quality improvement.

We are making progress in implementing the latest in fabrication technology and equipment to take the lead in achieving an even higher level of quality. An example of our latest fabrication technology is the adoption of the humanoid robot called “NEXTAGE” at our Saitama Factory, which is used in our automated assembly line of the coin and banknote recyclers for cashiers. On June 19, 2014, Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, visited the Saitama Factory to see a location where the robots, which are indispensable for Japan’s next growth strategy, are operating. He witnessed our employees working alongside humanoid robots in our assembly line, incorporated into our cutting-edge fabrication technology.

Supporting Japanese Quality Overseas
GLORY (PHILIPPINES), INC. factory production line

GLORY (PHILIPPINES), INC. factory production line

Technical guidance at Philippines

Technical guidance at Philippines

The GLORY Group’s 2014 Medium-Term Management Plan calls for expanding its overseas business, including efforts to expand production at overseas companies in response to an increase in demand mainly in Asia.

Up until now, we had first made prototypes and conducted a manufacturing trial in Japan of products made in China or the Philippines for overseas markets, since fiscal 2013 we have strengthened the overseas production functions so they can handle the process locally from the prototype stage. These efforts reduce the number of processes accompanying production transfer and are also aimed at improving local factory quality, cost and delivery (QCD).

Engineers with experience working at a local company serving as the transfer destination, work as intermediaries with the Japanese factory in production transfers and provide guidance in production technology and quality control to local staff. Further efforts will also be made to support quality equal to that in Japan by subdividing assembly work and creating easy guide manuals.

Since 2002, a number of people from GLORY (PHILIPPINES), Inc., have traveled to Japan to spend a year learning the assembly technology based on Japanese quality standards at the Himeji Factory. After returning to the Philippines, these employees apply their training in providing quality guidance.

Voice We aim for zero bugs by increasing the quality consciousness of each individual.

Koichi Nakamura
Director, Factory Manager GLORY (PHILIPPINES), INC.

We aim to produce higher-quality products through thorough multi-faceted inspections of parts and products, as well as by holding daily meetings to discuss issues and increase employee quality consciousness.
Koichi Nakamura
Voice In the Philippines, I am spreading the high degree of quality improvement consciousness learnt in Japan.

Wennie Bala Bagayas
Line Leader, Production 2 GLORY (PHILIPPINES), INC.

The impressive aspect of training in Japan is the way parts or product problems are immediately checked and corrected. The consciousness of the importance of improving even minor items is something I’d like to encourage in the Philippines.
Wennie Bala Bagayas
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