CSR Highlights


CSR Highlight in FY2013 Value Chain of GLORY

  • Planning and Development
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Maintenance

Planning and Development

Technological Development Based on Recognition/identification and Mechatronics
Looking at a design drawing and discussing functionality

Looking at a design drawing and discussing functionality

Recognition/identification and mechatronics are the GLORY Group’s core technologies in developing products that make currency-related work more accurate and efficient in banks and other businesses around the world. Recognition/identification technology accurately discriminate between notes and coins in terms of denomination and legitimacy, and is indispensable to the stability of a monetary economy. The GLORY Group is constantly making advances in recognition technology by employing a variety of factors. Mechatronics technology is used for handling the delicate and complex tasks of counting, sorting and bundling currency making currency-related tasks more efficient. These core technologies form the foundation for our products to support currency distribution. We will proceed with technological innovations to develop a more secure society.

Helping Resolve Issues Faced by the Visually Impaired
QN-20 Portable Handy Banknote Reader

QN-20 Portable Handy Banknote Reader

The QN-20 Portable Handy Banknote Reader developed in fiscal 2013, discriminates between notes by denomination and offers audio readout, using recognition/identification technology. The visually impaired and the elderly may find it difficult to sort notes according to denomination that are roughly the same size. Developed along the concept of easy discrimination between denomination, this reader delivers high-speed, high-accuracy recognition capability and is light and small making it highly portable. Also operation buttons are minimally deployed for ease of use, and are designed for operation with either the right or left hand.

In commercializing this product, we consulted with members of the Association of Hyogo Visually Impaired Welfare to learn about the issues they face in sorting notes and their detailed needs in creating a prototype. This input contributed to the final product.

VoiceWe conduct development that is dedicated to the user’s perspective.

Mitsuhiko Muranaka
Core Technology Development Center, Development Headquarters

The QN-20 Portable Handy Banknote Reader is our first device for consumer use. We considered that we should develop the machine as far as our technology may help those people in need of such machine. In addition to looking at various ways to make this product easy to use, we improved the denomination readout method by adding a vibrating function along with audio improvement. These are examples of our constant dedication in taking the user’s perspective into consideration when developing our products.
Mitsuhiko Muranaka
Development of User-Friendly Currency Exchanger for the Chinese Market
ENC-100 Banknote Changer for the Chinese market

ENC-100 Banknote Changer for the Chinese market

Our core technologies were put to use in our first banknote changer for the Chinese market, the ENC-100, which went on sale in July 2014. Many people in China do not use coins but rather accumulate them at home, so the People’s Bank of China implemented a coin circulation policy by which these coins are collected by financial institutions and redistributed to supermarkets and other outlets for use as change. The ENC-100 is operated by the individual supplying the coins which it exchanges for notes. It counts a high volume of coins quickly at a rate of five coins per second improving convenience. Due to the anticipated high volume of use, we have improved the device enabling it to handle 200 coins at a time. It is a multi-functional currency exchanger that also issues coins in exchange for notes, meeting all currency exchanging transaction requirements of the user.

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