Glory strives to foster awareness of compliance Group wide and conduct honest and fair business activities.

Compliance Framework

Glory views legal compliance as an important management issue for the Group, and so we strive to maintain or improve our compliance framework. One measure taken in that regard is the establishment of the Compliance Committee.

The committee is chaired by the president, includes two outside experts (attorneys at law), and deliberates key compliance-related issues concerning the Glory Group. Matters deliberated are reported to the Board of Directors.

Also, a chief compliance officer is appointed from among the officers in charge. The committee’s secretariat takes charge of planning measures for thorough compliance as well as employee education and awareness activities.

Compliance Framework

Compliance Framework

Setting up a Consultation Service (Helplines)

Glory has set up four compliance helplines advised by (1) an immediate superior, (2) the Compliance Committee secretariat, (3) an office consultant, and (4) an external helpline (law firm) as a consultation service (helpline) for overall compliance issues of the Glory Group. The helplines were established to detect and correct issues at an early stage as well as to protect those seeking consultation under the Internal Regulations on Consultation.


Legal Code of Conduct

We established the Glory Legal Code of Conduct governing the laws and codes of ethics that must be adhered to by all Glory Group officers, employees, and business partners, including distributors, both domestic and overseas.

The code was developed from a global perspective to accommodate the rapid expansion of our overseas business. We strive to improve employee awareness of compliance through activities such as the distribution of the "Handbook" and training for every Group employee in order to continue to conduct honest and fair business worthy of the Glory brand and to maintain and ensure a high level of compliance and ethical standards.

Corruption Prevention

We have specified rules to prohibit bribery and prevent corruption in the Glory Legal Code of Conduct and endeavor to keep all domestic and overseas employees and business partners informed of them. We also conduct e-learning and other suitable means of education to prevent corrupt practices.

In fiscal year 2018, there were no occurrences of corrupt practices, including bribery.

Personal Information Protection

The Glory Group recognizes the importance of its responsibility to properly manage the personal information of stakeholders, including customers, business partners, and shareholders acquired through our business activities. We therefore ensure the proper management of personal information according to the Privacy Policy.

Furthermore, we have developed internal rules and conduct training to respond effectively to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which went into effect in May 2018.


Compliance Education

We conduct comprehensive training, including at Group companies, to ensure thorough compliance. New employee education includes learning about fundamental legal and ethical issues as well as internal rules. In addition, we conduct e-learning every year during Corporate Ethics Month in October for all domestic Group employees to refresh their understanding of basic issues and social trends.

In fiscal year 2018, programs were conducted under themes such as the gifts and entertainment rules stipulated in the Glory Legal Code of Conduct, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and prevention of harassment, with a combined total of 6,902 employees taking part in the various programs. Other programs include newly appointed manager education and special training to develop a more thorough and precise understanding of issues concerning laws and corporate ethics.


Intellectual Property Initiatives

Basic Concept

We encourage the creation of domestic and overseas inventions and acquire the relevant rights, make use of intellectual property rights, and take measures to avoid the risk of disputes by researching the rights of others, for the benefit of the Glory Group.

Ensuring Alignment with Business

We conduct activities for intellectual property in alignment with business activities. For example, divisions involved in intellectual property, such as the business and development divisions and the Intellectual Property Department, regularly convene meetings to discuss the utilization of intellectual property and application strategies to gain an advantage in business promotions.

We also engage in activities to extract ideas at each stage of planning and development to generate valid patents at an early stage. We identify ideas for specifications in the planning stage and for incorporating specifications in the development stage, enabling us to apply for patents promptly. Once patents are registered, business and development divisions gather feedback for sharing details about rights and discussing how best to utilize those rights.

As of the end of fiscal year 2018, the Glory Group held a total of 2,053 patents, utility models, and designs (1,191 domestic and 862 overseas).

Number of patents, utility models, and designs applied for and acquired

Number of patents, utility models, and designs applied for and acquired

*1 Numbers are the total number of patents, utility models, and designs

*2 Numbers for both Japan and overseas are on a consolidated basis

Fostering Human Resources on Intellectual Property

Level-based training is provided to the planning and development divisions to raise general awareness of intellectual property while qualification- and position-based human resource development programs are offered to employees in the Intellectual Property Department. We established a strategy for raising the level of expertise through those programs, making it possible for the divisions involved as well as the Intellectual Property Department to foster human resources at appropriate levels.

Moreover, we have instituted an invention incentive system to provide compensation for outstanding inventions, especially those that have contributed to our business to boost the motivation of inventors.

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