Intellectual Property

Glory's Intellectual Property (IP) Policy

Implement IP initiatives to enable future business profits

Aiming to enhance its brand value, Glory implements group-wide IP initiatives to promote the development of inventions and the acquisition of IP rights. These initiatives encourage the use of IP rights in business strategies and the implementation of risk avoidance measures including patent searches.

Supporting the cross-growth of core business and new business domain

The Group implements the 2023 Medium-Term Management Plan that supports the cross-growth of its core business related to cash handling machines and new business domains including DMP solution business.

The IP initiatives help protect the Group’s core technologies while building foundations for new businesses. To further increase the market competitiveness of the Group, the IP department plays a central role in gathering and coordinating the information on business planning and product development.

The IP initiatives

Promote the use of the Group’s IP Landscape

We promote the strategic use of the Group’s IP landscape in business proposals. Leveraging its extensive knowledge of market information, the IP department works together with the operations divisions to help create business opportunities, and to contribute to revenue growth according to the Group’s IP landscape.

Promote the use of IP Landscape

Increase market competitiveness using IP Rights

To gain an advantage in the market, we work to obtain IP rights ahead of other companies for our proprietary technologies as well as for the benefit of our future businesses.

IP Strategy Meetings

We facilitate regular meetings for an effective implementation of the Group’s IP strategies.

IP Strategy Meetings

IP Initiatives

Building foundations for new business

To support the creation of new business, we;

−Formulate business policy based on the Group’s IP landscape to support the discussion on new business themes, market size, and potential collaborators

−Review contract details from an IP perspective

−Obtain IP clearance for product commercialization

−Establish a system to support proactive patent applications for proprietary technologies

Implementing IP strategies to support business expansion

To further expand our business, we will enhance the cooperation of the IP department and the operations divisions. Specifically, they will work together to obtain patents ahead of other companies, aiming to increase the ratio of strategic patents by 10% during FY2020 and FY2023.

Number of patents, utility models, and designs applied for and acquired

Number of patents, utility models, and designs applied for and acquired

*1 Numbers are the total number of patents, utility models, and designs
*2 Numbers for both Japan and overseas are on a consolidated basis

Using IP rights in sales strategies

The Group maintains a strong position in the market with the IP rights of our proprietary technologies. Supported by the initiatives of the IP and the Sales departments, we encourage the use of IP rights in the sales strategies to further increase our brand value and business profits.

Enhancing the Group’s IP capabilities

To enhance the IP capabilities of the Group, the IP department manages the collective IP rights owned by the companies within the Group, controls company-specific IP initiatives and encourages the awareness of IP. To be the first to obtain patents in our current and new business fields, the IP department works with each of our Group companies to capture the latest market trends and customer needs.

Enhancing the Group's IP

Facilitating IP training

We provide training for the Planning and Development departments to raise the awareness of IP.

As for the IP department, we offer professional development programs to help enhance their expertise according to their positions and qualifications.

To encourage and support our inventors, we are working to enhance our reward system for inventions that have contributed to our business and/or for which patents are registered.

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