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CSR Highlights

Introducing GLORY's CSR efforts.


Major CSR Initiatives in the Value Chain

These are the major initiatives that the GLORY Group is carrying out for each stakeholder category in the value chain.

GLORY Products Evolve with the Times

With changing times come changing needs to which GLORY has continued to respond with products offering ever-expanding possibilities.

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Meeting Financial Institution Needs

WAVE Pro, a new open teller system incorporating industry's first functions to increase efficiency and accuracy of teller operation, was released.

Creating Secure Societies

Products and solutions to contribute to creating a secure society are provided to customers in over 100 countries.


GLORY Value Chain Supports Secure Currency Circulation

Our reliable quality and technical abilities, as well as detailed service throughout the value chain, from planning and development through servicing, contribute to the safety of money-handling scenarios.



At the GLORY Group, CSR means realizing the corporate philosophy. We have recently revised our corporate philosophy structure so as to take our CSR activities to the next level.

Next-Generation Manufacturing -Production Lines with Human and Robot Interaction-

We have created production lines with human and robot interaction to achieve internationally competitive manufacturing.

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