April 1, 2024


Announcement of the Glory Group Human Rights Policy

GLORY LTD. has formulated the Glory Group Human Rights Policy (the “Policy”) effective as of April 1, 2024.

Based on its corporate philosophy, the Glory Group (the “Group” or “we”) believes respect for human rights to be a fundamental principle in its corporate activities. In order to fulfill our responsibility, we are committed to business management that respect human rights. Specifically, the Group’s Corporate Code of Conduct stipulates the Group’s policy on human rights, which all the Group employees must abide by and should be promoted as one of our top-priority material issues.

In response to the increasing demands and expectations regarding human rights in corporate activities, we have formulated the Policy in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Based on this policy, we will enhance our commitment to human rights in all our business activities, in our efforts to realize a sustainability society and grow as a corporate group.

Items included in the Glory Group Human Rights Policy

1. Purpose

2. Scope of this Policy

3. Respect for International Principles and Standards

4. GLORY’s Ongoing Commitments

5. GLORY’s Priorities

6. Human Rights Due Diligence

7. Remediation

8. Stakeholder Engagement

9. Information Disclosure

10. Education

11. Governance

12. Policy Review

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