About RSS

GLORY offers the latest news on its website via RSS. By using RSS, you can get the information in real time without visiting our web site.

What is RSS?

RSS is a standard XML-based file format that describes the date, such as headline and summary of information on the web site. It is mainly used to publish information on site updated, and now becoming popular.

How to use RSS

To use this service, you will need an RSS feed reader or browser that is RSS compliant. There are many types of RSS feed reader and browser which can be obtained free of charge.

By registering on our RSS service via the links below, updated information of our website will be automatically delivered.

※We offer the service based on RSS 2.0.


  • The RSS service may be terminated at any time in the future without prior notice. The URL links for the RSS/RDF service may be altered due to system's requirements. Please note that use of this service is your sole responsibility.
  • The RSS service may be temporarily terminated without notice due to system maintenance.
  • We are unable to answer any questions about the use of a RSS/RDF reader application or any 3rd party programs that utilize RSS
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