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May 19, 2020


Notice Concerning Capital and Business Alliance with AdInte Co., Ltd.

We are pleased to announce that GLORY LTD. has formed a capital and business alliance with AdInte Co., Ltd. (head office: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Representative Director: Shinji Sogo). Specializing mainly in data management platforms (DMP) *1 and marketing automation (MA) *2, AdInte provides online-merge-offline (OMO) *3 solutions, including the development and operation of retail media, services to attract customers to real-world stores, and web advertising.

1. Purpose of Capital and Business Alliance

Under its Long-Term Vision 2028, Glory is working to expand its new business areas through a digital transformation strategy that will enable it to use data analytics technology to create new value in response to the needs of its customers and society.
AdInte has developed its own IoT hardware devices. Using data acquired through those devices, it analyzes retail outlets and customers, distributes coupons, advertising, and other materials, as well as provides services both to improve the customer attraction rates of real-world stores, and to measure the effectiveness of those services. Glory entered into the capital and business alliance after concluding that collaboration with AdInte would allow it to provide new solution services to overcome the social and business issues facing its customers, including the retail and hospitality businesses.


Synergy Benefits

- Use of IoT hardware devices developed by AdInte to provide an IoT capability in Glory products for retail and hospitality businesses
- Provision of customer analysis, store analysis, and other services to solve management issues affecting Glory customers with real-world stores in the retail and hospitality industries
- Reciprocal business strengthening through the creation of solution services based on data analytics technology combining AdInte’s data and know-how with data from Glory products

2. Main Business Areas and Characteristics of AdInte

Realization of real-time online-to-offline (O2O) *4 strategies in any location
AdInte collects and analyzes data about customer behavior in real-world stores and streams content that has value for business operators.

Targeted advertising based on real behavior
Using its own data resources, AdInte distributes coupons and advertising as ways to encourage customers who have entered a real-world store to go there again. By using this information as retail media, the retailer can develop new revenue sources while providing an optimal customer experience.

Powerful support for OMO strategies through AI and digital marketing solutions
A key feature of AdInte’s approach is its ability to integrate data collection, store analysis/customer analysis, segment extraction, PR, and customer attraction. By using a cross-device approach, AdInte is able to provide large-scale marketing on an almost one-to-one basis without diluting the customer profile. AdInte can also expand customer contact opportunities by integrating outdoor advertising and leaflet drops based on the data, resulting in the evolution of traditional media into next-generation media.

3. Profile of AdInte

AdInte’s vision is to apply science to retailing, machinery, and agriculture through the IoT and AI. Its web advertising and other activities center on the use of demand-side platforms (DSPs) *5 and DMPs to boost the ability of real-world stores to attract customers through streamed advertising based on data acquired through IoT hardware devices developed in-house.

(1) Name AdInte Co., Ltd.
(2) Address 347-1, Shijo-machi, Shinmachi-dori Shijo Kudaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
(3) Representative Representative Director: Shinji Sogo
(4) Business activities Marketing of IoT hardware devices, DMP/DSP business
(5) Established April 3, 2009
(6) Website https://adinte.co.jp/

4. Schedule

(1) Conclusion of share purchase agreement: May 11, 2020
(2) Completion of transaction: May 15, 2020

  • *1
    A data management platform (DMP) is a data business platform used to manage accumulated online data and offline data, such as records of behavior by consumers who visit real-world stores, allowing that data to be used for action plans, etc., for streamed advertising.
  • *2
    Marketing automation (MA) refers to mechanisms and platforms used to automate actions in marketing processes. Examples include automatic advertising and automatic recommendation services.
  • *3
    Online-merge-offline (OMO) is a marketing concept that spans the boundaries between Internet-based and real-world stores by combining online and offline processes.
  • *4
    Online to offline (O2O) refers to measures to promote a shift from Internet-based (online) to real-world (offline) behavior, and measures to influence offline purchasing behavior through online information contacts.
  • *5
    A demand-side platform (DSP) is a platform used to record information about an advertiser’s budget, site, and targets, etc., and to provide support, based on that information, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the advertising by automatically purchasing online advertising spots and streaming advertisements.

Supplementary Explanation


GLORY LTD., headquartered in Himeji, Japan, is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of money handling machines and systems. GLORY provides a variety of products such as money handling machines, cash management systems, vending machines, automatic service equipment, and cash management solutions that are built on its leading-edge recognition/identification and mechatronics technology. Committed to meet society's wide-ranging needs, GLORY serves the financial, retail, vending machine, amusement and gaming industries in over 100 countries around the world. GLORY employs approximately 10,000 people worldwide. For more information about GLORY, please visit GLORY's group website at https://corporate.glory-global.com/.


  • Corporate Communications Dept.
    Management Strategy Headquarters
    TEL: +81-79-297-3131

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