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October 31, 2018


Development of industry’s first Super-resolution Image Reconstruction Technology for Auto License Plate

- Using deep learning to increase recognition from blurred images -

Glory is pleased to announce development of the industry's first* Super-resolution Image Reconstruction Technology for Auto License Plate Character Image using Deep Learning which enables high accuracy to recognize characters from blurred images of auto license plates.

Conventional auto license plate recognition technology was able to only recognize four-digit numbers from 0 to 9 of the Japanese license plate.

Glory's improved learning-based super-resolution image reconstruction technology can sharpen the character image of the license plate and recognize regional names, class numbers and Japanese characters including Chinese characters besides those four-digit numbers. The improved technology can recognize numbers and characters from blurred images of a license plate and narrow down possible numbers and characters.
From this, recognition accuracy rate has increased by 20 % (compared to our company's products), enabling the expansion range of a blurred image of a license plate which was unable to be recognized before to investigations and others.

While safety in society is required more than ever, a crime prevention deterrent effect can be expected with this technology.
Further, we are certain that this improved technology will help to realize the peaceful world, in line with Glory's facial recognition system which is applied to a wide range of the Japanese market, such as retails, financial institutions, hospitals, public facilities and many models of humanoid robots.

We will conduct further research of our image recognition technology to expand its use in various fields as well as producing new products and services.

  • *
    Technology to sharpen all characters of an auto license plate (compare to our company’s products)


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