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February 13, 2018


Tax and Official Payment Deposit Station "FKR-100" for financial institutions

- Reducing over the counter tax and other official payments by up to 20% through personalized, secure and authenticated deposits -


Glory developed the tax and official payment deposit station "FKR-100" to enable all of the following functions at the same time: distinguishing and analyzing the deposit of tax and official payments / improving the convenience for customers and reducing over-the-counter services through the reduction in wait time for customers at teller counters. Sales of this station began February 1, 2018.

Background of the development

Recently, various financial institutions have been reorganizing their businesses by changing their management resources, like human resources, to high value-added businesses like asset management. For example, the need to automate various businesses, such as approximately 20 % of over-the-counter services at financial institutions, and a maximum of 80% (according to our own research) of the businesses related to taxes and official payments at municipal offices, have been increasing.

Main features and merits

1. New OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology*1
The new OCR technology makes it possible to instantly read the contents of the tax payment slip as follows: identifies the format of the tax payment slip first, and then recognizes the characters written on the predetermined position in the tax payment slip. Direct recognition of various characters ensures it is possible to cope with a variety of tax payment slips in various sizes and formats.

2.Development of the industry's first new mechanism which automates stamping and cutting of receipts
Automated self-operation of stamping and cutting of receipts was realized for the first time in the industry.

3.Industry's first OCR dictionary delivery service*2
All the systems configured in the "FKR-100" can be updated when increasing new formats for tax payment slips, including when the format of the tax payment slip has been changed.

Other features of FKR-100

・Automatic aggregation of taxes and official payments
・Automatic judgement as whether or not the operation is approved
・Automatic calculation of delinquent accounts and printing of overdue tax in the tax payment slip

  • *1
    Technologies based on the combination between the standard OCR (which reads the data after instantly formatting registered formats) and non-standard OCR (which reads the data related with key words).
  • *2
    This service requires the conclusion of the contract separately.


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