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January 22, 2018


Optical seal scanner "FMN-10"

- Creating paperless slips by digitizing seal shadows -

Optical seal scanner FMN-10

Glory has developed the industry's first optical seal scanner "FMN-10" which is able to read the seal shadows directly from the seals. Sales will begin in April of this year.

Customers at financial institutions are currently presenting the slips to Tellers sealed with stamps. The Teller receives the slip and will first read the slip via the scanner. The impression of the scanned seal will be then shown on the terminal screen and compared with the pre-registered scanned seals. In the past, it would take substantial time for such a comparison, depending on the volume of the ink pad or the difference in stamping pressure.

The newly developed optical seal scanner can smoothly make comparisons with registered stamps due to the following circumstances: it is not necessary to use an ink pad due to scanning the corrugated surface of the stamp; less influence from pressing pressures due to the adoption of the dual structural elastic body on the scanning surface (attaching to the printed surface), which enables smooth verification with registered seals.

This ensures it is possible to easily identify each person through the seal verification and will also promote paperless operations by streamlining business transactions. Moreover, the convenience of customers will increase due to the decrease of insufficiency related with stamping.

The new optical seal scanner was adopted for the first time on a trial basis at a domestic financial institution of the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation in February 2017, and will be introduced to all of their domestic branches. It will be also introduced to other financial institutions and local governments.


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