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August 9, 2017


Development of a New Teller System "WAVE A50 Series" for Financial Institutions

- Realizing space-saving and small branch operation with a full-function -

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Main features:
  1. Full function comparable with top model
  2. Installation space is about 2/3 of the top model
    Note: Shown in picture is WAVE A52S

GLORY LTD. developed the new teller system "WAVE A50 Series" which realized space-saving and small branch operation with a full-function*¹ for financial institutions; sales started in July 2017.

This teller system enables staff at the counter or a sales person to complete the cash handling process which is usually handled by a treasurer at a branch in financial institutions. Glory was the first to realize the automation of the teller system in 1989. Since then Glory has been developing the product suitable for the needs of the time as a leading company of the teller system. We developed the top model "WAVE Pro Series" in 2014 and achieved a full-function; minimizing time of all transaction processes of the teller operation. Our teller system has already been adopted at approximately 14,000 branches amongst the 30,000 or more of financial institution branches. Future branch reformation is being performed in financial institutions to enable assigning an operation with a small number of staff and space to distribute financial resources or the space to assign high duties such as asset management and reducing the burden of deskwork duties; an automated teller system that combines "space-saving" and "full-function" that enables various functions is in demand.

Newly developed "WAVE A50 Series" has obtained the same function as the top model "WAVE Pro Series" and its operation can be performed in a space of 2/3*². Moreover, the new function enables consecutive processing during operation. Also, the adoption of the sorting functions, sorting, bounding and transferring banknotes to the storage area, and the efficiency of the system is enhanced.

In addition, a reproduction function that can trace the operation on the screen by whom, when and how is equipped with training modes contributing to the skills of the person in charge; reduces load of the apparatus management by the person in an executive position. The adoption to the branch which shelved installing is expected by the new lineup "WAVE A50 series". At the financial institution who already adopted the top model "WAVE Pro Series", the operation is integrated by additionally adopting "WAVE A50 series".

We will continue providing products that fulfill the needs of strict and efficient business of our customers including financial institutions.

*¹ Enable to process not only bank notes in circulation but also old and new bank notes, checks and commemorative coins.
*² Comparison between WAVE Pro P32T and A52S

The new functions of WAVE A50 series:
  1. The loading process of a new banknote is strictly managed by a new banknote loading function. (Limited to WAVE A53S)
  2. Direct access function that enables quick access to cash without opening and closing doors or minding drawers of the unit.
  3. Function to align the front and back of the banknote.
  5. Required process time is visualized from the machine operation condition, effective utilization of the queuing time is enabled.
  6. Detects the opening and closing of the door when the power is off.
  7. Operability after a cancelation is improved with voice guidance and animation.


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