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February 27, 2017


GLORY Develops 50 Times Higher Accuracy than Conventional Facial Recognition Technology

- To be Applied to our Visitor Identification System -

GLORY's facial recognition technology, since its development in 2003, have been adopted in many business categories such as supermarkets, bookstores and other mass distribution stores, large commercial facilities, hospitals and hotels receiving high acclaim. Our further pursuit on developing this facial recognition technology lead to the success of developing a new facial recognition technology capable of achieving individual recognition under various environments with a high accuracy of 50 times more *1 than the conventional technology.

Various companies have each developed their own recognition algorithm for facial recognition technology, and it is beginning to be used in many fields. However, the recognition accuracy of the facial recognition algorithm still has many problems, and further technical innovation is required. In particular, it is necessary to enhance the accuracy of facial recognition under various circumstances, such as face direction and change in the lighting environment.

GLORY has developed a technique to extract the feature quality by analyzing the characteristics of each individual, with an increased variation of the feature quantity used to identify individuals from the current approx. 400 types to about 3000 types. By performing facial recognition using feature quantity extracted by this technique, the recognition accuracy improved dramatically, especially in detecting changes in face direction, now the recognition accuracy is improved by 50 times*1 compared to our conventional facial recognition technology. This development makes it possible to operate the facial recognition system even in an installation environment (camera height and the angle to the passageway) which was difficult to apply the conventional technology. For example, currently in cases where only individuals facing the camera are recognized, the new technology makes facial recognition possible even when individuals do not acknowledge the camera and casually walk through, raising expectation in wider fields of the face recognition system applicable in various business categories.

Application of this technology to our products will be carried out sequentially, the initial application will be in the "Visitor Identification System" and will be available in the market this spring. Moreover, by interfacing with our jointly developed "Head Office Management System", features may be greatly enhanced, such as managing collective data of multiple affiliated store branches or doubling the possible amount of facial data that could be registered to 20 thousand records. Furthermore, the facial recognition technology developed this time will be applied not only to our internal facial recognition system, but also to systems of our partner companies as an SDK (software development kit). For example, in recent years, due to advances in robot technology, cases of utilizing robots for reception work at hotels and financial institutions are on the rise. Even in this type of application, stable recognition of the face can be realized by applying our facial recognition technology, making it possible to provide various services such as, robots recognizing each customer and customizing service according to individual needs. By offering our facial recognition technology to partner companies by SDK, we believe that further development in the market will accelerate. We will continue to push forward further technical research in the future and develop products that are useful for society.

*1: Using our company evaluation facial image data set, when the false acceptance rate is fixed to 0.01%, the false rejection rate of 30 ° angled profile facial images has become 1/50 (20.5% → 0.4%) as compared with the conventional rate.


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