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April 27, 2015


LIFE CORPORATION starts trial of GLORY's Delivery Box System

- Help increase Internet Purchasing convenience -

Starting from April 2015, GLORY LTD. has participated in a trial operation of the delivery box system, which allows customers to receive items, purchased via the internet (LIFE Net Supermarket ), to lockers in the following stores of the LIFE CORPORATION (2-2-2, Nishimiyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka President & CEO Nobutsugu Shimizu): LIFE Kandaizumichou (http://www.life-netsuper.jp/kandaizumichou/) and LIFE Ochiaiminaminagasaki (http://www.life-netsuper.jp/ochiaiminaminagasaki/) in Tokyo.

The trial operation provides a new service, which allows customers to receive the items purchased via the internet to the lockers in the designated LIFE Net Supermarket stores, instead of receiving them via regular courier services. The new service allows working adults, students and other people to swiftly receive the items on their commutes to and from offices, schools, kindergartens etc., eliminating the need to look for the items in store, or be kept waiting at cashier counters. The system also eliminates the need for customers to wait at home during the delivery time and for those living alone who wish to avoid visits to their home. The LIFE CORPORATION, on the other hand, can expect an increase in the number of receiving orders due to an improvement in the efficiency of merchandise transportation, since the transportation will be minimized and limited only up to the storage space within the locker.

As a pioneer in the market of the coin operated lockers and in pursuing the convenience of customers, we have been developing various products and services, such as contactless IC card operated lockers and the service to provide information on the availability of lockers using a cloud based computing system. Currently, the total number of our coin operated lockers installed in Japan has exceeded 20,000. This time, we have customized our rental lockers with multi-locking system called "LTS series" for the LIFE CORPORATION, and transformed them into the lockers for the delivery of purchased commodities. LIFE Net Supermarket will collaborate with us in investigating the market demand for the new method of using our lockers.

GLORY, based on the know-how accumulated through experiences in various markets, will continue to develop the products that meet diversified life styles of customers.


Locker installed at the LIFE


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