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October 22, 2014


"WAVE Pro" New Open Teller System for Financial Institutions

- incorporates an industry first function to support branch operation with minimum staff -

"WAVE Pro" New Open Teller System for Financial Institutions

"WAVE Pro" New Open Teller System for Financial Institutions
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GLORY LTD. has launched the "WAVE Pro", a new open teller system for systematizing teller operations at financial institutions, on sale from November in Japan.

Main features:
  1. Manages a number of different currencies including drafts, checks, unfit banknotes and unfit coins utilizing an optical image processing capability - an industry first
  2. Realizes the conventionally difficult function of *1 automatic verification for the balance of new clean banknotes by a newly designed currency transport mechanism - an industry first
  3. Adopts touch panel display and newly designed structural layout

Open teller system is a system that enables each staff member at bank counters or sales staff of financial institutions to complete the settlement of cash, including deposits and withdrawals, by themselves and not through tellers. As a leading manufacturer of open teller system, GLORY has developed *2 various systems to meet the needs of the times and to contribute to improving efficiency and strictness of teller operations, which resulted in installing the system to over 13,000 financial institutions in Japan. The demand at financial institutions in recent years has been that the number of clerical workers at branches shall be minimized, and the staff generated accordingly shall be transferred to sales operations, under the conditions that "increase of profitability" is becoming a more important business issue than ever before.

To cope with the situation within the financial market, GLORY has developed "WAVE Pro" to minimize the time required for teller operation based on the concepts "Reduce human teller operations as close to zero as possible", "No downtime of the system", "Improve risk management". Unlike the conventional system, WAVE Pro, now equipped with an image processing function, can process unfit banknotes, unfit coins, old currencies, memorial currencies, drafts and checks, drastically reducing the time required for daily balancing at financial institutions.

Also, the newly designed currency transport mechanism has an improved self-balancing function, which includes an automatic balancing of new clean banknotes and loose coins recycling in the system. It also drastically reduces time and labor for verifying cash balances and minimizes miscalculation and fraud.

The new system has been ergonomically designed to accommodate all users.

We are confident, the "WAVE Pro", capable of minimizing teller operation time, can support the operation of branches with minimum staff.

We will continue to develop various products that meet the demands for improving efficiency and strictness of routine operations at financial institutions and customers.

  • *1
    automatic verification: the function to automatically check, without intervention of human operation, the balance of cash including details of denomination, number of banknotes and the amount, and to ensure each of these amounts to pre-recorded data.
  • *2
    Historical transition of open teller system
       ・1986: ADDS series - Industry's first open teller system
       ・1990: MFS series - Open teller system with industry's first added function of automatic banknote strapping
       ・1995: ODDS series - Compact open teller system
       ・1998: WAVE 100 series - Open teller system with industry's first added full banknote recycling function,
           capable of verifying the number of each denomination
       ・1998: WAVE 50 series - Industry's smallest open teller system with banknote strapping
       ・2005: WAVE 730 series - Industry's first banknote and coin full recycling type open teller system
       ・2009: WAVE C30 series - Industry's first banknote and coin full recycling type smallest open teller system


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