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August 28, 2014


"LTS-100" series Rental Lockers With Multi-locking System equipped with the industry's first QR Code issuing and reading function

"LTS-100" series Rental Lockers With Multi-locking System

"LTS-100" series Rental Lockers With Multi-locking System
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GLORY LTD. developed a new rental lockers with multi-locking system "LTS-100" series which uses "QR code"*1 instead of ordinary keys for unlocking the locker, and for sales in Japan from this September.

Main features:
  1. Unlocks locker doors using the QR code, eliminating time and labor in keeping and managing keys (industry's first function)
  2. Operational with various types of electronic money for users' convenience
  3. Bi-directional communication with host system for remote surveillance of lockers

The number of terminal lockers installed in Japan has exceeded 45,000 units and is still increasing particularly at stations and tourist facilities. Replacement from the conventional key type lockers to keyless type lockers using IC cards or passcodes has also been increasing.

Under the circumstances, the LTS-100 series is a newly developed rental lockers with multi-locking system equipped with the industry's first use of issuing and reading a QR code. The system functions as follows: Users deposit the goods to an empty locker, make payment following the instructions in the operation panel to receive the receipt issued with the printed QR code. Users will then swipe the receipt over the QR reader to unlock the door of the locker.

The receipt printed with a QR code, which replaces the conventional key, is less bulky and easier to carry. Moreover, non-requirement of administrating the storage of the key eliminates the need to reproduce a new key in case of loss, or to claim a penalty for the loss. Also, unlike the conventional keyless locker, the adoption of the QR code reader eliminates the need to enter a passcode for unlocking the doors of the locker, simplifying the whole operation and reducing operational time.

The connection of the new system in the facility of "GCAN Center"*2 enables the use of electric money for retail industry, as well as for the transportation industry. The new method of payment adopted in the new system will also increase the number of users, the revenue as a whole and the convenience for users.

The new LTS-100 series, unlike the conventional system, also incorporates a bi-directional communication function, making it possible to remotely control all the lockers connected under the host system, and consolidating to manage the various data in addition to only sending data from each locker to the host as in the case of the conventional system.

Judging from the increase of travelers in both the domestic and overseas market in recent years, the industry of the coin locker is expected to expand more, and GLORY has started to develop new lockers to meet the demands in diversified markets, while swiftly catching the needs of customers.

  • *1
    "QR Code" is a registered trademark of the Denso Wave Incorporated in Japan.
  • *2
    "GCAN Center" is an information processing center established by GLORY LTD. in April, 2000.
     It provides the following services to many customers based on the strict security structure:
     "Payment processing support service" related with debit card, credit card and electronic money,
     "Cash settlement support service", such as, aggregation, processing and distribution of sales data obtained from
     cash processing machines, "Securities business support service" related with shareholder meeting,
     IR (Investor Relations) related support etc.


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