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May 10, 2021


New banknote recycler launched: GLR-100, for overseas financial institutions that enables "self-service operation" at teller counters

Glory has released a new teller cash recycler, GLR-100, as of May 2021; for overseas financial institutions to enable them to meet the need for transforming teller counters to self-service applications in diversifying branches.

teller cash recycler, GLR-100


Banks and financial institutions today are accelerating the optimization of branch numbers and promoting efficient branch management, with a small number of staff.
To address the growing need for labor-saving at counter operations and to address the need for more hygiene focused procedures, the way in which customers deposit or withdraw cash independently is increasing.


1. Support self-service operation, where customers deposit or withdraw cash independently

The UI (user interface) has been improved to prevent user error when used in self-service applications by customers; a coin detection function to detect mistaken coin insertion in the banknote inlet and a shutter over the outlet to prevent customers from touching the banknotes until the dispense is completed.
In addition, the processing speed has been increased by 20% (* 1) compared to the previous model. This achieves 12 notes / sec. which is one of the best in the industry and contributes to reduced customer waiting times.

2. Free tellers from the stress of cash handling

With the Secure Transfer Cassette (STC) that stores banknotes, branch staff can collect and load banknotes without the need for manual intervention within the branch. This frees tellers from the stress of handling cash.

3. Reliable operation by remote monitoring and enhanced information security

GLR-100 maintains stability for branch operations by connecting to a bank’s network. The data for device’s operational status is collected to predict failures and therefore preventive service can be performed. In addition, as GLR-100 is equipped with secure boot process and has strengthened encryption with a REST interface, this addresses risks such as cyber-attacks, as well as ensuring customers' information and assets are handled safely and appropriately.

Glory can help solve the challenges that financial institutions are facing and improve customer experience by supporting them to build next-generation branches and further streamline operations.

  • * 1
    Compared to the conventional model "RBG series" of 10 notes / sec.

Image of branch office installation

Image of branch office installation

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