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CSR Highlight in FY2014 Contributing to the Creation of Secure Societies Around the World

The GLORY Group contributes to creating secure societies around the world through providing the best products and solutions to various currency-related issues.

Developing Sales and Service Networks in Over 100 Countries Worldwide. The GLORY Group business has expanded to more than 100 countries worldwide. Currency-related issues and functional demands vary widely by region.  The GLORY Group provides products and solutions meeting local needs and supports customers with extensive maintenance services.

Providing Highly Reliable Added-Value Products

RBG-200 increasing teller efficiency

RBG-200 increasing teller efficiency

RBG-100 for processing by customers

RBG-100 for processing by customers

The GLORY Group promotes regional strategies based on thorough market analysis, providing high value-added products and solutions aimed at resolving customer issues around the world.

Automated Tellers Assistance

In recent years, demand for automating cash handling operations has been increasing among financial institutions in developing countries in order to realize efficient and accuracy operations.

With the aim of further increasing customer satisfaction, a major Indonesian bank has sought to reduce persistently long customer waiting times through the use of GLORY’s RBG-100 banknote recycling machine. Compact in size, the RBG-100 can count 10 banknotes per second. The introduction of this product has resulted in a 30% reduction of customer waiting time.

In addition, the USF-50 series banknote sorting machine is equipped with a function to read and record serial numbers of banknotes. The sophisticated authenticating capability of this machine, which includes the said function, makes it possible to remove a number of counterfeit banknotes, contributing to increasing the credibility of currencies circulated in developing countries.

Proposing Solutions in Line with Market Needs

In France, amid the adoption of ATMs and other self-service machines, financial institutions seek to strengthen contact with customers by reducing tellers’ workload for handling cash as much as possible. Many banks have already introduced teller cash dispensers but as banknotes run out the machines need to be refilled with cash, which requires safes to be opened and closed, raising security issues. In response, GLORY created the RBG-200 banknote recycling machine, which enables the use of deposited banknotes for immediate withdrawal. In addition to eliminating the workload of tellers, this machine also offers improvements in security.

In the United States, where theft countermeasures are particularly in demand, we increased the thickness of the money handling machine cabinet and made it more robust to increase security. Furthermore, we contribute to customer convenience by providing substantial support through our expanded service network adequate for such a large country.

Voice Listening to Customers to Provide Optimal Solutions

Jean-Michel Dufour
Glory Global Solutions (France) S.A.S.

To provide optimal products and solutions that meet customer needs, it is important to build relationships of trust with customers on a daily basis. To this end, we make a sincere effort to listen to customers and engage in proactive communication.

In March 2014, the "Customer Briefing Centre", a new showroom in France, was opened. Many customers are invited to hear proposals focused on high-value-added products and new solutions.

Jean-Michel Dufour Glory Global Solutions (France) S.A.S.
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