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GLORY's CSR: Realizing our Corporate Philosophy. We have revised our corporate philosophy structure to take our CSR activities to the next level.
Corporate Philosophy Structure

At the GLORY Group, CSR means realizing our corporate philosophy. What this means is that by engaging in a variety of activities, including our business of providing products and services, we build relationships of trust with all of our stakeholders, such as our customers, employees, shareholders and investors, business partners and local communities. By doing so, we believe we contribute to the development of a safe and secure society.

Based on the understanding that the sharing among all Group employees of a mutual sense of values and actions is indispensable to realizing our corporate philosophy, we seek the thorough entrenchment of our Corporate Action Guidelines and Employee Action Guidelines. We have recently revised our corporate philosophy structure so as to take our CSR activities to the next level by increasing the sense of unity among GLORY Group members worldwide against a backdrop of changes in the environment that surrounds the Group and the diversification of nationalities and cultures among our employees due to globalization.

Revising the Corporate Action Guidelines

Our Corporate Action Guidelines, which were established in 2006 to express our stance as a corporation, set out nine categories of value standards to be observed by the Group. To these we have added the issues of "Business continuity / Securing profit / Profit redistribution" and "Risk Management," bringing the total to 11.

In making the revision, we referred to ISO 26000, the international CSR guideline, and other standards, and have enabled the guidelines to be shared throughout the Group.

Establishing the Employee Standards of Behavior (GLORY Spirit)

In April 2013, we established the Employee Standards of Behavior (GLORY Spirit), which describes the actual behavior that each employee must exhibit to be a "GLORY person" and reflect the thinking, values and methods that have been handed down since GLORY was founded in 1918.

It functions as a guideline for behavior that conforms to the practices that must be applied in day-to-day work and in society. By working to apply these standards, each Group employee aims to realize the GLORY Corporate Philosophy.

Efforts to Drive CSR Activities

Movie Realizing our Corporate Philosophy: The GLORY Group's Perspective on CSR

Realizing our Corporate Philosophy:
The GLORY Group's
Perspective on CSR

Guidelines of GLORY handbook

Guidelines of GLORY handbook

At GLORY, we are seeking to drive our CSR activities by making our Corporate Philosophy even more deeply entrenched in the minds of our employees. First, in conjunction with the revision of our Corporate Philosophy Structure, we have renewed the Guidelines of GLORY handbook that contains the Corporate Philosophy, Managerial Creed and Corporate Action Guidelines and distributed it to each employee. In addition, to promote better understanding of CSR, we prepared a movie entitled "Realizing our Corporate Philosophy: The GLORY Group's Perspective on CSR," to be watched by all employees.

In an effort to nurture shared values among the Group, the handbook and the movie have been translated into eight languages so that Group employees can share the same consciousness about realizing our Corporate Philosophy.

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