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November 30, 2017


The 7th Autumn Hands on Class for Parents and Children - The Hot Air Balloon Riding

GLORY Foundation for Elementary School Students held the 7th Autumn Hands on Class for Parents and Children in Himeji, Hyogo on November 18, 2017 based on the theme “Let’s experience the Hot-Air Balloon Riding”

This year, about 300 elementary school students and their parents were invited to the event at a local elementary school in Himeji to experience a tethered hot-air balloon ride. On the day, the hot-air balloon went up to 20m despite in the rain and the participants enjoyed the unique feeling of floating in the air for about 5 minutes. At the class in a balloon set up in the gymnasium of the school, they also learned the mechanisms of the balloon and how it flies. It was an enjoyable day for all the participant, experiencing the attractiveness of the hot-air balloon.

  • Science show by Professor Kuro Rub

    Riding on a hot-air balloon

  • Making

    Flying 20m above the sky

  • Checking the movement of robot on the race track

    Lecture given in a balloon at the gymnasium


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