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July 27, 2017


GLORY 15th Hands-On Science Experiment Class at Saitama Factory

The 15th GLORY Summer Hands-on Science Experiment Class was held at the Saitama factory on July 22, as part of the regional contribution activities inviting a total of 100 elementary students from the 3rd to 6th grade.

This time, they made a robot using a crank mechanism. First, the children learned about the crank mechanism to convert rotary motion into a reciprocating motion during the science experiment show performed by a professor and TV entertainer called "Professor Kuro Rub". Then the children were challenged to make an "Eight-legged working robot" with the support of Glory employees. After completion, the children decorated and played soccer with the robot they made, they learned the fun part of science and enjoyed creating something on their own.

  • Science show by Professor Kuro Rub

    Science show by Professor Kuro Rub

  • Playing soccer game with the robot

    Playing soccer game with the robot


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