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May 26, 2016


The 6th Spring Hands-on Class for Parents and Children

On May 22, 2016, GLORY Foundation for Elementary School Students invited a total of 80 parents and children to the 6th Spring Hands-on Class, which included the Uzushio (Whirling Current) Cruise in the Naruto Strait, beach fishing and a barbecue party held at Awaji Island in Awaji city in the Hyogo prefecture.

All the participants were excited to watch the thrilling and dynamic Whirling Current from a close distance, and enjoyed the extraordinary experience of the seine fisheries. They also enjoyed eating fresh seafood caught during the seine fishing.It was an unforgettable experience providing great memories for both the children and parents.

  • Cruise Ship "Kanrinmaru"

    Cruise Ship "Kanrinmaru"

  • Whirling Current

    Whirling Current

  • Children experiencing seine fishing

    Children experiencing seine fishing

  • Fresh fishes caught by seine fishing

    Fresh fishes caught by seine fishing


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