Responsibility to Local Communities


We will harmonize and advance the interests of the Company and society, and actively participate in social action programs as a good corporate citizen. These include programs for the sound development of children, who are the next generation of citizens, as well as programs promoting vibrant communities.

For Sound Development of Local Children

GLORY plans and executes a variety of events for the sound development and well-being of local children through the GLORY Foundation for Elementary School Students, founded in 1995. These include the Hands-on Science Class, Children's Theater, and the Hands-on Class for Parents and Children, which provides parents and children opportunities for emotional shared experience. We also hold the Elementary School Student Kendo Meet, the Tennis Clinic, and English Conversation class.

  • Hands-on Science Class

    Hands-on Science Class

  • Hands-on Class for Parents and Children Program

    Hands-on Class for Parents and Children Program

  • Tennis Clinic

    Tennis Clinic

Local Cleanup Activities

We have been conducting cleanups around our business sites since fiscal 2006. These cleanups are participated by employee volunteers and conducted in Japan as well as by overseas Group companies in China, the Philippines, fostering harmony with local communities.

  • Cleanup by our Tokyo Regional Office

    Cleanup by our Tokyo Regional Office

  • GLORY (Philippines), Inc. conducting weekly cleanups

    GLORY (Philippines), Inc. conducting weekly cleanups

Support for Children in Developing Countries

In July 2011, we began serving meals supporting the TABLE FOR TWO ("TFT") program in our headquarters cafeteria, which allows part of the food prices to be used for donation. It is said that in our world almost 1 billion suffer from hunger and malnutrition, while an equal number are dealing with obesity. The TFT program is designed to right this imbalance by offering nutritionally balanced cafeteria meals that are useful in treating lifestyle diseases and donating a portion of the proceeds to providing school meals in developing countries.

In July 2012, we installed TFT-compliant beverage vending machines at headquarters, and many employees, who give the machine high marks for making it easy to participate in social contribution, have been using it.

Note: TFT is a social contribution program run by a non-profit organization, Table for Two International, for providing nutrition to children in developing countries through the purchase of products at company cafeterias and restaurants.

  • TFT Program Menu

    TFT Program Menu

  • Employees enjoying the TFT program menu

    Employees enjoying the TFT program menu

  • TFT-compliant beverage vending machine

    TFT-compliant beverage vending machine

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