Information Security


Information Security Management System

GLORY handles a large volume of confidential information concerning matters such as identification technology. Accordingly, we focus on strengthening our information security.

In addition to establishing the Information Security Promotion Section under the Compliance Committee, the Glory has formulated an information security policy and other related internal regulations to promote information security activities throughout the Group.

Enhancing Information Security Measures

Departments concerned with offering systems solutions, such as our information processing center (GCAN Center), have acquired ISO 27001 certification, which is the international standard for information security management systems.

We are continuously enhancing information security measures. For example, we have introduced ID management systems, systems to prevent unauthorized entry via the Internet, as well as systems to limit device control of high-capacity storage and automated stock-taking.

Information Security Education

We respond to constantly changing technologies and social circumstances and conduct continuous employee training aimed at prevention of information security accidents. Our level-based training includes programs for new employee training on internal rules and methods for protecting personal information as well as training programs for newly appointed managers. We also conduct a companywide e-learning program on information security annually.

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