Questions and Answers

The following includes main questions asked and answered at the conference call.
Some additions and alterations have been made for readers' better understanding.

FY2017 1st Quarter Conference Call (August 4, 2017)

  • Q1: What is the main cause of decrease in sales and operating income in Financial Market?

    A1: Although sales of the standard type of open teller system and the coin and banknote recycler increased, sales in the Financial Market decreased compared with the corresponding period of last year due to the conclusion of large-scale sales of the compact type of open teller system.

  • Q2: What are the factors of increase and/or decrease in the sales in each region of the Overseas Market?

    A2: In the Americas, sales of banknote recycler for tellers for financial institutions increased compared with the same period a year ago. In Europe, whereas sales for the retail market was in good shape, sales for the financial institutions decreased and, as a result, the total sales dropped compared with the year-earlier period. In Asia, while sales of coin related products and banknote sorters for China increased, sales in other major countries decreased and, therefore, the total sales slightly increased compared with a year earlier. Sales to OEM customers decreased from the same period last year.

  • Q3: What is the factor of increase in operating income of the Overseas Market?

    A3: Increase in sales of the coin and banknote recycler for tellers for financial institutions which is a main product and the products for the retail market have boosted profits.

  • Q4: What is the main factor of increase in both sales and operating income in the Amusement Market?

    A4: The main factor is sales increase of card systems and peripheral equipment thanks to recovery in investment in pachinko parlors caused by completion of removal of “Pachinko machine that perform differently from tested machines”* at the end of last December.
    * As determined by Nikkoso, a pachinko machine manufacturers’ organization, in a list released on June 23, 2016.