Questions and Answers

The following includes main questions asked and answered at the conference call.
Some additions and alterations have been made for readers' better understanding.

FY2016 3rd Quarter Conference Call (February 10, 2017)

  • Q1: Why did you revise downward your sales forecast for the Financial Market for the full fiscal year?

    A1:The Financial Market has performed well during the first three quarters. Although the business climate in Japan will not be bad in the fourth quarter, we reduced the sales forecast because we expect sales of open teller systems, the main product of this segment, to be lower than planned.

  • Q2: What is your medium to long-term outlook for the Financial and Overseas Markets?

    A2: In the Financial Market, we expect replacement demand to remain firm in Japan. In the Overseas Market, there is very strong growth in sales in the retail sector. Furthermore, we believe there is significant potential for growth in the financial market outside Japan because there are still many financial institutions that have not mechanized the handling of cash.

  • Q3:What is your forecast for sales and operating income in the full fiscal year, excluding the effects of foreign exchange fluctuations?

    A3:Setting aside such effects, we expect sales to increase ¥13 billion to ¥240 billion and operating income to increase ¥0.5 billion to ¥21 billion.