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We view our suppliers as important partners, and seek to establish a relationship of trust and mutual growth through fair and open trading as well as compliance with all laws and ordinances.

Transparent and Fair Purchasing

GLORY provides opportunities on an impartial basis to all suppliers who comply with its selection guidelines, regardless of the country they are based in and irrespective of prior transaction history. We endeavor to find the best suppliers for our company by maintaining free competition and ensuring fair evaluation and selection.

We aim for thorough understanding on the part of our purchasing coordinators of all related laws and regulations, including the Subcontract Act, and the specialist knowledge required for the purchaser.

Strengthening Partnerships with Suppliers

Superior Supplier Award presented at a Supplier Conference

Superior Supplier Award presented at a Supplier Conference

Visit to a supplier for production process inspection

Visit to a supplier for production process inspection

We view our suppliers as partners in ensuring reliable quality, and therefore establishing a structure for cooperation is essential. To that end, we regularly hold Quality Conferences at which information concerning quality and manufacturing processes is shared and issues are examined. We also sponsor annual Supplier Conferences through dialogue and exchange to build relationships of trust.

We also hold Quality Improvement Activity Workshops, where we explain our purchasing policies to our suppliers in addition to providing them with opportunities to present their case studies of quality improvement methods used by our suppliers. The presentations are used by our suppliers to share information among themselves.

Our parts acceptance unit also conducts regular inspection visits to our suppliers to conduct on-site checking of production processes and offer improvement advice.

Promotion of CSR Procurement

We are proceeding to conform to the Code of Conduct established in EICC (Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition), and also proceeding conflict mineral survey.
We also issued "GLORY CSR Procurement Guidebook" for Japanese suppliers in March 2014 and "GLORY Supplier Code of Conduct" for non-Japanese suppliers oversea in March 2016.

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